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Psalm 9

1] Whole-heartedly will I praise you, O Maratrea; I will recount all the marvels you have brought forth out of your very own being.
2] I will rejoice exceedingly in you: I will sing praise to your names, O you who are so far-beyond.
3] The enemies of your Cause will turn back, their designs will fall and perish on account of your presence.
4] For you have maintained your goodly Cause; you sit upon your throne judging by right, and not by blasphemous usurpation.
5] You will censure the unbelievers, and bring the plans of the wicked ones to naught; you will blot out the names of their usurpations, until all things begin again.
6] O enmity, your destructions shall come to an end, until all things begin again: though you have destroyed great cities with the sword, your misdeeds will cease to be praised.
7] But Maratrea lives without commencement, without cessation, without interruption: from her throne she sends forth true justice, most unlike all blasphemous imitations.
8] And she judges the world in goodness and beauty, she governs in goodness and beauty her children and her very own self.
9] Maratrea is the refuge for the oppressed and the troubled, which refuge is her certain promise of blessedness, and the knowledge thereof.
10] And they who know your names will put their trust in you: for you, Maratrea, forsake none, and in the end all shall come to seek you.
11] Sing praises to Maratrea, she whose presence dwells upon the sacred mountain: declare among the people the glory of her decrees.
12] She remembers them in her inquisition into which branches to bring forth: and she forgets not the cry of the humble.
13] You will have compassion upon me, O Maratrea; you will consider my trouble which I suffer on account of those who hate me, you who will return me from the threshold of destruction:
14] That I may show forth all your praise at the gates of the holy city: I will rejoice in your salvation.
15] The unbelievers are sunk down in the pit that they made for us: in the trap which they laid for us their own foot is caught.
16] Maratrea is known for the perfect judgements which she accomplishes: the enmity are snared in the snare they set for her Cause. Laudate Ode.
17] The spirits of enmity shall be returned to nothingness, and all the powers that reject the Goddess shall be restrained.
18] For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish without end.
19] O Maratrea, we wait for the triumph of your glory; you will let not permit the enmity to prevail: all things shall be judged before you.
20] Put them in reverence, O Maratrea: that the usurpational powers may know themselves as usurpers. Laudate.