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Psalm 89

1] I will sing of the incomparable love of Maratrea
        which endures without beginning and without end
    with my mouth I will declare your faithfulness to your promises
        that many generations to come shall know thereof
2] I will declare that your love is constant,
        without beginning and without end
    In your heavenly chambers
        Your faithfulness to your promises is proven
3] Thus have you proclaimed:
    I have made a covenant with those whom I have chosen   
        the covenant of my Cause
    I have sworn to my beloved servants
4] That I will establish the line of Prophets
    Their authority shall endure
            until all things end but to begin again
        endure to progress unto triumph
5] What wonders are found in your heavenly chambers
        such that those who come to know them
            will constantly praise you
    O most holy Maratrea
        and in the gathering of your servants vowed to your Cause
            herenow upon this earth
        you are praised for your faithfulness to your promises
6] For there is none in the heavens who is greater than Maratrea
    there will be found no deity who is greater than her
7] In the highest assemblies of the heavens, Maratrea is adored
    glorious and sublime is she amongst all those who surround her.
8] O Maratrea, Goddess of incomparable Power, who is like unto you?
        Your power, O Maratrea, is unequalled,
            your faithfulness to your promises endures
                without beginning and without end
9] You rule over the surging sea that you are
    storm-tossed waves mount up within you
        till in turn you still their tumult
10] You will shatter the enmity at the height of its pride
    you will scatter the enmity with the immensity of your power
11] The heavens are part of your body, and also the earth
    you gave birth to the many universes,
        and to every soul within them which you have become
12] The north and the south exist by your will
    the mountains of the east and of the west
        sing praises of your names
13] In all of her many branches
        through her incomparable power she orders all things
        with the skill of absolute wisdom
    on which account we adore her
14] Love of beauty and true justice which is found in your heaven alone
    upon these two have you founded
        your administration of all things
    your incomparable love
        and your perfect faithfulness to your promises
    proceed from your chamber
15] Favoured are those who know the ecstasy you bestow
        and the blessed are those who know in the fullest
    O Maratrea, they dwell in the soft light
        of your face of inutterable beauty
16] In your names they find their joy in the midst of the night
    in loving beauty they find their glory.
17] For all beauty is a reflection of your essence;
    the radiance of your two-fold will
        on which account you are praised.
18] For Maratrea is our protection;
    the Holy One whose Cause we serve is our Heavenly Queen
19] Thus have you revealed through your Prophets
        unto the people of your Cause:
    By my favour unto your Cause, great shall be your might
    I shall raise up one from among you
        through whom my Cause shall know its first triumph
20] I choose my beloved servants, the Saviours to Come,
    one in each branch, but many branches from herenow descending
        with sacred oil I anoint them
21] By my power I shall sustain the line that leads thereunto
    in many branches such line will be strengthened
22] The enmity shall find no profit in them;
    neither will the servants of the enmity have the power to injure them.
23] And I will cut down the enmity before them
    and the servants of the enmity I will cause to flee
24] And my faithfulness to my promises will be with them
    and my incomparable love
        and with the radiance of my will I shall favour them
25] I shall extend their responsibility over the seas
    and place the rivers into their care
26] They each shall call upon me, saying:
    You are my Heavenly Mother, my Goddess
        the one who protects and rescues me
27] That one shall I make paramount
    above all the rulers of the earth
28] My love endures without beginning and without end
        even for the Saviour to Come
    my covenant will end not until all things end
        but to begin again
29] The succession of that one I will cause to endure
        until all things end but to begin again
    their succession shall cease not until the stars even cease
30] Their successors shall forsake not my two-fold law
    neither blaspheme me with fraudulent justice
31] They will obey my will of ends as much as my will of means
    they will be faithful to my two-fold law
32] Their lawfulness I will answer with blessing
    their true faith in heavenly justice with caresses
33] My love I never withdraw
    neither do I ever turn back on my faithfulness
34] My covenant I will not break, even though you break it
    all that I have promised, my promises I do not alter
35] I have promised glory to my beloveds;
    and in my promises I never lie
36] The line of Prophets shall continue until all things end
        but to begin again
    and their throne will fail not until the sun itself fail
37] Their throne will not cease until the moon itself cease
        O moon of vast beauty who shines lovingly upon the earth
38] Your chosen Prophets you will not reject, neither will spurn them:
    for you never anger.
39] Though their crown be profaned in the dust
    you have not voided your covenant with the servants of your Cause
40] Though all their walls you have caused to be broken
    though all their strongholds you have caused to be ruined
        by the slaves of the enmity
41] Though every house of usurpation comes by to plunder
        the wealth of the people you entrusted to their care
    and in every land they are scorned
42] Though you have caused the enmity to grow in power
    such that all who hate your Cause rejoice
43] Though you have rendered their weapons useless
    and favoured them not in the battle
44] Though to their splendour you have put an end
    and their throne you have cast to the ground
45] Though you have cut them off from the joys of youth
    and heaped shame upon their hearts
46] Yet this, O Maratrea, you will continue not forever
    for all this you do for the sake of the particularity of your Cause
        and the particularity of its Blessing
    though it seem you have hidden from us
        your desire burns as fire
47] Fleeting is the span of our lives
    yet you bring forth one life for the sake of another
        how glorious is that which comes hereafter!
48] Through the gates of death all shall pass, every last one
    for beyond those gates lies unfathomable glory
        for every last one, for the best, and for the worst also
49] Heavenly Queen, your love for us now is as great
    as in those former years when our days were less troubled
        to your promises you are forever faithful
        your promises you give to those whom you love
50] You remember, Heavenly Queen,
    the sorrow of your children, for our tears you yourself have shed
    as we bear in our hearts the taunts
        of the abundance of the enmity and of the usurpation
51] the taunts with which the enmity has mocked,  O Maratrea,
    every step of your Cause
52] Praise there be unto Maratrea, without beginning and without end
    Thus it is, thus it is.