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Psalm 88

1] O Maratrea, Goddess who saves me
    all night and all day have I cried before you
        tears of my sorrow
2] My prayer comes before you
    and you hear my cry
3] For my soul overflows with trouble
    and my life is beckoned by the grave
4] Will I be counted among those who go down to the pit?
    Who depart this life,
        all their hopes and dreams destroyed?
    All strength has deserted my heart
5] Abandoned among the doomed
    like the slain who lie in their graves
        by whom are they remembered?
        what beauties did you purchase with their deaths?   
6] You have lain my heart in the deepest pit
    in the darkness of the abyss
7] The fire of your passion crushes me
        I am overwhelmed by your waves, O Mother O Sea
8] My dearest friends have abandoned me
    you have made them find revulsion in me
        I am in chains
            without any escape
9] My eyes grow dim with sorrow
    O Maratrea, I call upon you every day
        even as my joints ache with sorrow
10] But it is to the dead that you show your wonders
    and it is the departed who offer you the highest praise
11] Your love is declared in the grave
    and your faithfulness in destruction
12] In the midst of the darkness your wonders are made known
    your beauties are revealed to those now forgotten
13] Therefore is my cry to you, O Maratrea
    as I cry to you in the morning
14] For how much longer, O Mother,
        must my soul endure this dejection?
    for how much longer
        must the glory of your beauty be hidden from me?
15] Sorrow has afflicted me from the days of my youth
        my whole life have I lived nearing unto death
    what terror has my heart suffered
        ever drowning in despair
16] The fire of your passion has swept over me
    like a great unconquerable wave
        the terror of its tumult silences my heart
17] As a flood it has surrounded me my whole life long
    by it I am engulfed completely
18] You have taken from me many whom I most love
    will you leave me with the darkness alone as a friend?