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Psalm 86

1] Your ear is bowed down to hear me, O Maratrea,
        even as I am poor and needy
            as are all who have life apart from blessing:
    indeed, you hear my cries before they are uttered by lips,
        before they are born in my mind,
        for perfectly do you remember yourself so crying
2] You preserve my soul, indeed every soul,
    through the indestructible nature with which you endowed it,
        your very own nature in becoming it:
        had you not done so, no soul but yours would be:
    though the fools and the liars deny this truth,
        with perfect and holy faith we know it to be true:
    O Goddess, you will save every soul, every last one,
        first the servants of your Cause that trust in you,
    then even those souls vowed faithful to the enmity thereto
        even those souls which for now by your will hate you
3] Incomparable is your love for me, O Heavenly Queen:
    though every day I cry unto you,
        in the despair of shattered dreams,
    so great is your love,
        that every one of my deepest dreams
            you have endowed with full reality,
                and awaits me
4] The servants of your Cause rejoice, O Heavenly Queen:
    for they know that unto oneness with you every soul returns
5] O Heavenly Queen, there is no greater goodness, no greater beauty,
        and no greater glory, than that which you are:
    without doubt you forgive all, for whatever anyone does,
        so they do in perfect obedience to your command,
        and the very same you have done and will do:
    deceived are those who doubt your forgiveness,
        and it is you who deceives them:
    but you do all this through your love, incomparable in plenitude:
    and whoever calls upon you, surely you will answer their cry,
        for perfectly do you remember yourself so crying
6] O Maratrea, without doubt your sweet ears hear our prayers
        before we even speak them:
    and our deepest longings you so deeply long to fulfil
7] In our troubles we call upon you,
        for by the very same troubles you were troubled also:
    without doubt do you hear our cry,
        for perfectly do you remember yourself so crying:
    and whatever we truly desire,
        in due time you will grant us the fullness thereof:
    it is pleasing to you that your children declare
        before you their longings,
    even as you know already their hearts
        better even than they do themselves
8] Every true deity is of you, O Heavenly Queen,
    among your names, forms, images, aspects, emanations,
        servants, representatives and mediators:
    every work is among your work, from the greatest to the least,
        from the most noble to the most horrid:
    and your every work is for beauty
9] All your children whom you have become will come and worship before you,
        from every tongue and tribe, O Heavenly Queen:
    and they will glorify your many beautiful names
10] For your glory is without equal,
        and inutterably wondrous are your great works:
    O ultimate Goddess, there is no true deity who is not of and under you
11] O most glorious Maratrea, you are teaching us the way of your Cause:
    in your truth we will walk,
        as you unite our hearts
            in adoration of your many beautiful names
12] I will praise you, O Heavenly Queen my Goddess, with all my heart:
    and I will glorify your names until all things end but to begin again
13] For great is your incomparable love towards me:
    you deliver my spirit from the deep pit of despair,
        that despair which leads to the grave
14] O Goddess, the enmity and the usurpers in their pride rise up against us,
        and their assemblies of violence seek after our flesh,
        that upon their wicked altars they might spill our blood:
    for the love of true beauty reigns not in their hearts
15] But you, O Heavenly Queen, are a Goddess full of compassion,
    who grants unto all your children whatever they desire
        in the depths of their hearts:
    you have suffered as all suffer,
        for your suffering is not other than their suffering,
            as you are not other than they:
    you are an incomparable plenitude of love and truth
16] You are turning your favour toward us,
        on account of your incomparable love:
    you are bestowing great strength upon the servants of your Cause,
        your Cause through which all will be saved:
    O Heavenly Mother,
        in serving you we participate in your very own self-service
17] You will grant us many signs of your goodness,
    so that the enmity which hates us will see them and be ashamed,
    for you, O Maratrea, are ever our help and our comfort,
    through your favour for your Cause