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Psalm 85

1] O Heavenly Queen, you will pour out your favour
    upon the land you have appointed for the ingathering of your Cause:
        and whoever the usurpers take captive you will lead to freedom:
    thereby the usurpers will be supplanted by your Cause,
        which in first triumph shall assume their place entirely
2] Whatever errors any commit, even those vowed to serve your Cause,
        without doubt you forgive:
    how could you forgive not that which you yourself commanded,
        with commands that all must perfectly obey:
    whatever they have done, whatever you have done through them,
        you have covered
            with the glorious beauties you have thereby purchased
3] In your Cause you are bringing to rest that burning passion
            by which all beauty is purchased:
    indeed, in your Cause you are quenching that fire of your soul,
        in order that another may be lit,
            that of the Cause and the Blessing united as one
4] You will turn us further unto your Cause, O Goddess who saves every soul:
    and your burning passion toward us will cease not, yet turn,
    from ensuring the particularity of our triumph,
        to that very triumph itself
5] But for a time will your passion be to our detriment:
    thereafter, your very same passion will be for us a benefit
        far greater than any detriment had been:
    and though your passion extends through generation to generation,
        there shall come those for whom living eyes see
            the end you have promised,
                of second Triumph and the end of all things
6] O Goddess, whose gaze is ever toward your children:
    whosoever perishes you will return to life:
        the life of your heavenly chambers,
            in the contemplation of many branches:
    then return them to their very life which perished,
        in the circle of time
7] This is your incomparable love,
        which you are making known to us, O Maratrea:
    you who grant salvation unto all of your children, every last one,
        both those who serve your Cause,
        and those who for now you have commanded to oppose it
8] We hear what the Goddess Maratrea speaks through her true Prophets:
    therefore will the people of her Cause be at peace with one another:
    that though they err, there will come an end to their every error
9] Surely those who adore her are nearing her salvation:
    she will grant them a foretaste of her heavens,
        as her glory descends upon the land
            she has appointed for the ingathering of her Cause
10] The truth is her incomparable love,
            and her incomparable love is the truth:
    the love of true beauty leads to final peace:
        and those whom she has made worthy will caress the very glory
11] Her truth shall be revealed throughout the many worlds,
    as every branch ends in glory for her Cause,
        the glory of the two triumphs:
        in some nearer, in others further along:
        in some in one way, in others another:
    but in every branch equal glory:
        the true love of beauty shall descend from her heavens,
            and conquer the earths
12] Great indeed are the goods you will give us by your favour for your Cause,
            O Maratrea:
    the land you have appointed for the ingathering of your Cause
        will yield a great increase,
            as your Cause progresses unto glory
13] She will guide us in the true love of the truly beautiful,
    she will guide us by the beauty of her countenance,
        in the steps of the way she has marked out for us,
            by which her Cause will progress unto glory