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Psalm 84

1] How beautiful is your heavenly palace, Great Mother Godess!
The place of the three Sabbaths.

2] How great is the longing of my heart, for your secret chambers,
In my heart, in my flesh, I call out for she who is life.

3] Like the restlessly wandering creature, which finds a home, where it may remain in security:
My home is near your altars, Most Holy Mother, Heavenly Queen!

4] Happy are they who come to dwell in your palace:
Their praise is without beginning and without end.

5] Happy are they who find their refuge in you, as they go forth on their pilgrimage.

6] As they pass through the tear-filled valley, where once the dogs were slain,
they find sacred well-springs from which to drink.
From these pools She provides water,
to quench the first of those who have lost their way.

7] They pass through the sacred gates,
and see the great temple of She Who Reigns,
amidst her holy city.

8] Most Holy Mother, you hear our prayers - for you remember praying them.

9] Great Goddess, by the favour of your cause you protect us from misfortune,
With loving-kindness do you look upon your children, for they are not other than you.

10] One day in your holy palace, is more than ten-thousand elsewhere
Is not one Sabbath, greater than every one of the many worlds?
Yet the Sabbaths are on account of the being of those worlds.

11] You are the great glowing star, you are the wall of protection,
your favour and your blessing you bestow upon all
No favour do you withhold from those faithful to the way of your cause

12] Most Holy Mother, happy indeed are those who trust in your promises.