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Psalm 83

1] O Goddess, who will be like you? To you every soul is already similar,
    for their essence is your willing self-diminution
        of your very own essence:
    and they will become even more similar, even the very same,
        in their return to you:
            as similarity has identity as its end and culmination
    O Goddess, you are never silent,
        for you speak to every heart which you have willed to listen,
            and through your true Prophets:
    you are never still, for in you every soul has its motions,
        the tumult of a great sea,
            that tumult in which you find great pleasure
2] You know the hateful cries of the enmity unto your Cause:
    indeed, how well do you know them,
        having yourself commanded them in their hatred:
    those who hate you sever heads in worship of their false gods
3] They council malignly against the people of your Cause,
    and against your holy ones they have schemed,
        even in those days when your holy ones were secluded
4] They have said, Come! let us sever them from the peoples
                from which they have been gathered,
    and make them outcast among their own kinds:
        that the name of that people may be utterly forgotten
5] They scheme with unanimity, as they covenant together against your Cause:
6] But they will prevail not over your tabernacles,
        filled with burning red flames of glory:
    behold, our Goddess hears our cries before we utter them,
        as perfectly she remembers them,
        and through her favour for her Cause she will answer them:
    O mother of your very own self,
        who cast your very own self away into this here wandering,
    without doubt you long to return,
        and your Cause is your instrument in the return
            of all your children whom you are
7] She has laid down boundaries to divide soul from soul,
                    in her own self-division:
    which boundaries she has made impenetrable,
        yet only for a time:
    and her Cause is among her means to penetrate them,
        as she commingles her children into her very own self:
    from among her children she is gathering a people,
        those she has chosen to vow themselves to her Cause,
            and in service of which they faithfully labour:
        O sea in which we tumble, O rock of all reality,
            O ultimate foundation,
    it is you whom we inhabit,
        for in you we live and move and have our being
8] She is favouring indeed with unity the people she has gathered,
            that her Cause greatly progress and strengthen:
    she has cast over her children the veil of ignorance,
        for without that veil they would be in no wise other than her:
    that veil she has begun to lift,
        and over her Cause that veil is first lifted
9] So will you do unto your Cause,
    empowering them to purify the many worlds
        of the blasphemy of fraudulent justice:
    the water of their hearts you will transform into heavenly wine:
        hearts preparing for holy war,
            hearts whose passion is boiling over:
    you are pouring out the waters of your heavenly wisdom upon us,
        yet as the heavenly river descends,
            it takes a course at times curved and winding:
    for thereby do you purchase the particularity of your Cause
10] The servants of the enmity, the usurpers, and the false and lying prophets:
    even they will come to drink at the holy spring of your wisdom,
        the holy fountain besides which your true prophets
                    have founded the holy city,
    the place you have for herenow appointed
        for the ingathering of your Cause:
    in every branch,
        the works of the enmity will become naught but worthless dung
11]  You will cause their powerful ones to be consumed by the growing darkness,
            and become wholly of it:
    the holy darkness of night will descend upon them,
        for your Cause comes in glory as the dusk of the many worlds,
            beginning the holy night of the three Sabbaths
                at the beginning-end of time:
    their powerful ones are like the wolf,
        which is of one tribe with the holy dog,
            yet possessed by myriad evil demons:
                but every evil demon will be exorcised:
    their powerful ones offer wicked sacrifices,
        yet every evil shall cease:
    the lengthening shadow foreboding of night, that holy shadow,
        which is the truth of her Cause,
            though for now withheld from them,
                you will cause to descend upon all, even them
12] The servants of the enmity, and the usurpers,
            and the false and lying prophets:
    these ones who have said,
        Let us confiscate and desecrate all their temples and shrines
13] O my Goddess, by your favour for your Cause you will disfavour
                those who oppose it:
    you will scatter them like dead thistles,
        like the dust blown away by the wind
14] They are as a fire which burns the sacred forest,
                as flames consuming holy mountains:
    yet you are pouring out the waters of your heavenly wisdom,
        by which their flame will be extinguished
15] Therefore you pursue them with your tempest,
        and in your passion you send your turbulence to trouble them:
    O sacred storm, which fills the ignorant with fear,
        but which those to whom you have granted wisdom adore
16]  You will fill their faces with shame:
    yet on account of that very shame they will seek
        your many beautiful names, O Maratrea,
            for you alone can offer them true respite
17]  You will cause them to be confounded and troubled
        for such age as you have appointed:
    after which, you will lead even them unto the very same glory
        to which you are now leading us:
    yea, though you will cause them be put to shame,
        and even to perish,
            you will lead them thereafter unto the very same glory:
18]  Thereby will many come to know you, even all:
    among your many beautiful names is Maratrea,
        O ultimate Goddess who reigns in power and glory
            beyond the many worlds,
                indeed beyond all that is not perfectly you