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Psalm 82

1] The Goddess sits enthroned in her heavenly council,
  among the true deities she proclaims her decrees.

2] How long will you judge unjustly?
For to punish the innocent, yet leave the guilty be
- that is your justice, your wicked delight.

3] The poor and weak, you proclaim their guilt - their guilt of your own imagining

4] Rescue these misfortunate ones, deliver them out of the hands of usurping justice,
For justice belongs to heaven alone, not to the earth
But the earth is filled with the lies, of justice falsely so-called

5] They know not the truth, neither do they understand any thing
Save their petty delight in the suffering of others
They walk about the earth in slavery to their ignorance
The earth is corrupted by the justice they proclaim

6] She said, You follow not true gods,
But deceiving spirits,
Which I have appointed to reign but for a time,
But soon now have I decreed their downfall.

7] Those spirits shall perish as they have caused many to perish,
Peasant or prince, innocent alike, against whom they have commanded the sword.
But though the soul be imperishable, mere spirit truly perishes.

8] Soon, O Mother, may your decrees of the end be executed:
For your Cause shall assume its true place, of authority over every land.