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Psalm 81

1] Sing aloud and rejoice in exultation
        unto Goddess our strength and our helper:
    shout with a joyful noise unto our Goddess
        whose Cause is supplanting the usurpers!
2] Sing a psalm accompanied with the pleasant timbrel and tympanum,
    with the melodious harp and the delightful cithara
3] Sound the horn to mark the new moon,
    the solemn festival of the lunar goddess!
4] So has Maratrea through her true Prophets decreed
    for the people of her Cause, with whom she is supplanting the usurpers
5] Our Goddess has established her testimony for the progress of her Cause:
    as she as us goes through and out of this realm
        of immense longings unfulfilled:
    we heard an unknown voice speaking,
        in a strange and incomprehensible tongue:
    it was the voice of her heavenly wisdom that we heard,
        but she had decreed that we not yet understand it
6] She will lift from them the heavy burden
        which she has placed upon their hearts,
    that they ache with love and longing
        yet are powerless to attain that which they adore
7] We call upon her in the midst of our troubles,
        and without doubt she will deliver us at her chosen time:
    every cry of our hearts will be answered,
        and her Cause is the beginning of her final answer:
    through her holy thundercloud,
        that great storm and tempest which she is,
    its secrets and mysteries are revealed to us:
        as she pours out the holy water of her heavenly wisdom upon us,
            those who reject her truth are disproved


8] You will hear me, O people of my Cause, O all my beloved children,
        when it is my will that you will so hear me:
    I will speak unto you through my true Prophets,
        yet in obedience to my commands you will reject their words,
            until I command you to accept it!
9] On that day there will be no deity estranged from me in you:
    neither will you worship any deity estranged from me,
        but only every true deity which is of me,
            among my names, forms, images, aspects, emanations,
            servants, representatives and mediators
10] I am Maratrea your Goddess and mother of your souls:
    in you I have cast myself
        into this realm of immense longings unfulfilled:
    but in bringing you back out of that realm,
        I so also bring back out my very own self:
    I am pouring out the wine of heaven, which every last one will drink,
        yet not before I so will
11] Whenever my chosen people listen not to the words of my true Prophets,
        that is my will:
    the people of my Cause submit not unto me,
        for if they so submitted they would be not in submission
12] For I have given them stubborn hearts,
        and sent them forth on a circuitous route
13] But when I so will, only then will my chosen people listen to me,
    and the people of my Cause will go forth faithfully in the way thereof
14] Soon I will cast down the enmity to my Cause, and every last usurper:
    and all those who afflict my Cause will in that day know my power
15] The servants of the enmity hating Maratrea will submit to her will of ends,
    even as they now submit to her will of means:
        at first begrudgingly, but then with joy:
            for their every true want she shall fill:
    their enmity will endure but for the age she has commanded, then cease
16] You have scattered the riches of your beauty throughout the many worlds,
        even amidst this here field of corpses:
    and though for now we starve,
        a great banquet you are preparing for us:
    O great rock, O foundation of all that is real,
        in the end you will grant the glory of blessing
            unto every last one,
    even those who now serve the enmity with eagerness:
        by this glory which all will receive,
        every last one will be fully satisfied