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Psalm 78

.:. PART 1A .:.

1] O people of the Cause,
    hear the teaching of her Prophets
        listen attentively to their words
2] Their mouths issue forth wise maxims,
    and the wisdom of the earliest of days.
3] That which we knew once yet have willingly forgotten
    as our Mother willed for us
        as we willed for ourself as her
4] Yet these truths we shall forget no longer,
        but remember through the Prophets
    We shall hide them not from our children
    We shall teach the generation to come
        the glorious deeds of Maratrea
        her power and the wonders she has wrought
5] By her decree the enmity will be supplanted,
    and the law of her Cause established
        what great things has she enjoined us
            to bestow upon our children
6] That the coming generation will know them
    even those yet to be born
        and they will in turn teach their children
7] That their hope they will place in the promises of the Goddess
    and forget not the truth of her glorious decrees
        and keep faithfully her twofold law
8] Thus they will be not like those who came before us
    many wicked and cruel generations
        whose hearts loved not beauty
            and who believed not in the Goddess
                neither in her promises

.:. PART 1B .:.

9] The children of the enmity,
        the worth of which is like unto ash-heaps,
    though armed with many bows,
        will turn back on the day of battle.
10] They keep not the law of the Goddess,
    and they would not live thereby
11] For she caused them to forgot goodness and beauty,
    and she hid her glory from them
12] Marvellous things has she done in their sight,
    in the midst of their own houses
    yet she blinded their hearts to what their eyes could clearly see
13] Yet she has torn up the sea of tears,
    and saved us from our misery;
    She has collected our tears in a vessel
    and made of them sweet wine
14] And with a loving storm-cloud she has guided us in these days,
    and lit the night with the fire of desire.
15] She tore open the rock, in the midst of the wilderness,
    a sacred spring came up, for the cleansing of our souls,
        out of the depths of the sacred abyss
16] The water comes forth out of the rock
    and flows as a sacred river

.:. PART 1C .:.

17] And we gather up ever more glory for her
    to invoke her in the midst of the wilderness.
18] And we honour the Goddess in our hearts
    with a great banquet in her honour
19] We speak praises of the Goddess, saying,
    For her glory have we prepared this table in the wilderness!
20] For she divided the rock, and water gushed out,
    and streams flowed abundantly;
        thus in her honour this banquet do we celebrate.
21] And on account of her knowledge of this, Maratrea is most pleased;
    by her favour the fire of longing shall be fulfilled
        and her love shall benefit all the people of her Cause
22] For we believe in the Goddess,
    and her promises are our certain hope.
23] She has commanded the clouds above,
    and opened the gates of the heavens.
24] Thus she rains down upon us spiritual power from out of her heaven,
    to consecrate the cakes we eat and the wine we drink
        in the holy sacrament.

.:. PART 2A .:.

25] So that we may partake in the heavenly banquets;
    she has sent us an abundant feast!
26] By her power she emanates the wind-deities in their heavens.
27] And she has rained down spiritual sustenance upon us,
    she has poured it out until our souls swell with it,
        and thus do we crave her glory
    her glory which she pours out is greater than the earthly seas
        greater even than the seas of heaven
    and winged creatures fly through the sacred night sky
        singing praises of her name
28] And her sacred rain falls in the midst of our hearts,
    and is sprinkled round about her holy tabernacles.
29] May we eat of her sacred banquet,
    an earthly foretaste of banquets heavenly:
        thus may we be for a little while sated;
    but may our deepest longings come to us in blessing.
30] May we be not alienated from the yearnings of our heart,
    Though the sacred banquet give the slightest foretaste of them.
31] The love of Goddess comes upon us, reviving us in our weaknesses,
    and those whom she has chosen to serve her Cause bow down to her.
32] On account of all this, we remain in our faith in her promises,
    and believe in the glory she has promised us.

.:. PART 2B .:.

33] May we refrain therefore from all vain distractions,
    and keep needless trouble distant from us.
34] Though by her will of means she injure us,
    Yet do we seek her on account of her will of ends;
    And early in the morning do we pray unto her.
35] We remember that the Goddess is our stone of certainty,
    that the Supreme Goddess is our saviour.
36] And with our lips we speak of our love for you;
    how could we lie to you?
        O you who know our every word before we speak it
37] Our hearts declare their loyalty to you;
    may we be faithful unto your Cause.
38] Your love for us is incomparable;
    though you cause us to do evil,
    you do so only for the sake of even greater goods;
        you anger not at what we do by your command;
        were you to anger at us, you would anger only at yourself
39] She remembers being us;
    an imperishable nature that cannot be created nor destroyed;
    the great mountains shall pass away like a dying wind,
    yet we who are her shall endure.
40] Often may we incite her in the wilderness,
    to incite her passions by the sacred springs.

.:. PART 2C .:.

41] And we turn to the love of the Goddess,
    who will prove her every promise;
        the holy Queen of her Cause which we serve,
            we move her with our love.
42] We had forgotten her power:
    the day she became us for our and her glory
43] And many such marvels has she done before us
            in the midst of our own houses
        yet as the hearts of others she has blinded
            that they could not see these great beauties
        unto our hearts she has granted a clarity of vision
    and we bow before this sight of glory,
        and the origin thereof.
44] In her heaven there flows a river of sacred wine;
    from this sacred stream we drink in the holy sacrament.
45] She sends the holy dogs of several kinds to befriend us;
    happily do they devour the food we provide for them;
    what joy does this sight bring to pure hearts.
46] And she appoints ripening for our fruits,
    and she is giving us delicacies for our enjoyment
        with but a little labour to attain them
47] And she waters our vines that they produce wine of greatness,
    and our fig-trees that they produce figs of sweetness.
48] Gentle storms she sends upon us, that we might know her presence
    She is present in the rain-cloud, and the lightening, and the thunder

.:. PART 3A .:.

49] She sends down to us her passionate ardour,
    a weighty love, through spirits loving beauty.
50] She opens for us the path of her joy;
    death is but a gate unto joy
        for our souls by their nature indestructible
    and the holy animals that are ensouled also.
51] She loves the youngest child as much as the oldest,
    the daughter as much as the son;
        those who give them a smaller portion
        are unfaithful to her Cause
52] With great care does she lead her people
    she gathers them together
        and leads them through the barren land
            unto the glory of triumph
53] And she guides them in hope, for they hope in her promises;
    they will not fear;
        and the enmity will be cast down
            beneath the sea
54] She will appoint for them a place of in-gathering,
    and a holy mountain for her worship.
55] None shall be driven by force from this land;
    they will admit them freely,
        for they shall pay a fair price
        and extend to them the hand of friendship and love
56] And they will test her revelations and find them proved:
    they will inflame the longing of the Supreme Goddess for the end,
    and their vow to serve her Cause they will faithfully keep.

.:. PART 3B .:.

57] And they will order their hearts towards her,
    and serve faithfully her Cause
        quite unlike those who came before them
            for those belonged to the earlier days
            but they belong to the later
58] And they will please her with their sacred hill shrines,
    and with statutes of her forms and images
        and servants and representatives
        and aspects and emanations
59] When the Goddess hears these prayers
    she is most pleased
        for this reason did she choose the people of her Cause
60] She has commanded shrines in tranquil places
    for the well-being of her children.
61] And she will deliver them from captivity with her power,
    and she shall free the great beauties from the jaws of the enmity.
62] And she has appointed swords for the people of her Cause
    that they will conquer and triumph in glory
63] For the young maidens light a sacred fire
    may they know love if they have not yet known it
64] The priestesses shall pray that these swords be favoured
    the hearts of the young maidens will overflow with joy

.:. PART 3C .:.

65] And the longing of Maratrea for the end of all things
    awakened as if from a long deep slumber
        in which she dreamt of what unfathomable glories?
    her slumber induced by the heavenly wine
66] She shall shatter the enmity;
    and it shall be scorned by all
        until all things end but to begin again
67] She accepts worship under many names and forms and images
        but bloody sacrifices she abhors;
    she gathers her people from many tribes and many lands
        and accepts their many traditions of worship
68] She has chosen worthy people to be joined as her Cause
    beneath the holy mountain which she loves
69] She instructed the people of her Cause
    to erect her Great Temple on the earth
        in emulation of her Great Temple which is heavenly
    and it will endure until all things end but to begin again
70] And in loving us she chooses us to serve her Cause,
    She separates us out of the multitudes which she has become.
71] From service of means she calls us forth to serve her Cause for the end:
        as the people of her Cause supplant the people of her means
    she will give us the whole earth as our inheritance
        on that great day upon which we triumph
            for the glory of our Goddess
72] And her beloved prophets shall guide them
    with hearts loving beauty and good
    and with skilful means

v9. Note "the worth of which" refers to the enmity, not to its children.
    "For the children of the enmity are more precious than gold"
        as the holy Prophet Travancus said
This is a prophecy, but it be a permissible one,
    for it specifies not a time nor a place for its fulfilment
    as the false prophets are want to do,
    but rather, it may come to pass in many times and in many places,
    in many branches from here descending, and besides here;
    but assuredly it shall come to pass in all of them!
"with many bows" does not necessarily mean literal bows,
    but weapons of any kind - the meaning being, they will have
        a great many weapons, of whatever kinds might be
            appropriate to the time and place in which
                the prophecy comes to be fulfilled
"will turn back on the day of battle"
    prophesying that there will be a great battle between the Enmity
        and the Cause, but the forces of the enmity will flee
        rather than fight
v14. That the sight of storms might remind us of her guidance for us
    and may the longings of our hearts be fulfilled
        in the midst of the sacred night.
v16. This is referring to the sacred spring which are set aside
    as places of pilgrimage