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Psalm 77

1] With my voice I cry unto Maratrea;
    with my voice I cry unto the Goddess:
        without doubt she hears my heartfelt cry,
        for she remembers herself so crying.
2] In times of affliction I call out to the Heavenly Queen
    by night I place my anguish before her
        yet my heart will not be quietened
3] I remember the Goddess, and my heart murmurs;
    I meditate upon the nature of things,
        and my spirit is faint-hearted. Laudate.
4] My eyes will not close; in my trouble I cannot speak.
5] My thoughts turn to days long ago;
    to days of my youth, when great joys teased me,
        but passed me by.
6] And I conversed with my heart in the night;
    and I searched in the depths of my soul.
7] The Heavenly Queen will not spurn me forever;
    though her favour herenow for me be little,
        it will grow higher than the furthest stars.
8] Her incomparable love never ceases;
    her promises never fail.
9] The Goddess never ceases her favour;
    she never angers at her children,
        and her love for them is unceaseable. Laudate.
10] And I say, Now the latter days begin,
    the Supreme One transforms the manifestation of her power.
11] Now I remember the work of Maratrea,
    your wonders from before the foundation of the earth.
12] I will meditate upon the glory of your work
    and sing praises of your being
13] O Goddess, all your ways are holy;
    the greatness of all deities is naught other than you.
14] You are the Goddess who has done the greatest glories,
    and your glory you are making known among all peoples.
15] With your incomparable power you rescue your children,
    through your holy Cause which you have established,
        to supplant the enmity, and progress unto Triumph.
16] You are the heavenly waters, O Goddess, you are the heavenly waters,
    we shall not fear them, neither be troubled by their immense depths.
17] Your holy storm-cloud pours out water to revive our spirits;
    the skies sing with thunder,
    as the lightning perambulates them.
18] You sing sweetly with thunder, and we know that you love us;
    your lightning dances before the horizon;
        the earth trembles with joy at the falling rain.
19] You are the Great Sea
    through which leads your paths;
        many of your ways through it are for now unknown to us
        yet you remember them perfectly
20] You guide the people of your Cause;
    you gather them together by your incomparable power;
        you drew them out of the sea,
        as you draw every soul out of the sea,
        the sea that you are
    and your praises we shall sing on your sacred mountain.