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Psalm 76

1] Beloved Goddess, you make yourself known to those who praise you:
    and upon the people of your Cause you bestow knowledge
        of your many beautiful names
2] You will favour the holy city with peace,
    the place you have appointed for the ingathering of your Cause:
        that city where you are praised in your great temple:
    and your holy mountain is a sign of the far beyond heavens
        in which you dwell
3] Before that city you will break the bows of the usurpers in their might,
    their shields and their broadswords,
        as they come against the people of your Cause in unjust war
4] O glorious mountain without beginning and without end,
    you send forth enlightenment from your foothills
5] O most holy Mother,
    upon your own heart you willingly inflicted foolishness,
        therefore you became in us troubled:
    for the sleep you had slept came to its end
        in the wakefulness of the many worlds:
    in us has ended your dream-filled sleep
        of the three Sabbath at the beginning-end of time:
    and you who are rich in blessing found as us nothing in your hands,
        for such is your will
6] At your rebuke, O Goddess whose Cause is supplanting the usurpers,
    all those who have turned the sacred horse unto evil ends
        will enter into slumber:
    there shall they endure in stillest silence,
        until you reveal to them all things
7] O Goddess, you are to be adored, even in your utmost terror of means,
        the terror of your beauty:
    it is you alone who is to be adored,
        for whosoever is worthy of adoration is none other than you:
    and none can disobey your will of means
        by which you purchase every beauty:
    who can stand unmoved as they see you burn alight with passion,
        and behold the glory of your beauty?
    Who indeed shall resist your allure:
        and how much longer can your burning passion
            forego its consummation?
8] You will send forth throughout the many worlds
        knowledge of the true justice that is of heaven alone:
    that which is of heaven alone will be heard therefrom:
        adoration of you will then overtake the many worlds,
            and the people thereof will be still,
            as ever are those who are consumed by adoration
9] O Goddess, you will deliver all those who are poor in blessing,
                throughout the many worlds:
    and the knowledge of your true justice
        is the beginning of the final deliverance


10] Without doubt whoever burns with passion will praise you,
        even if they know not it is you whom they praise:
    as to those who as yet burn not,
        it is only that their hearts you have for now restrained
11] Vow to serve her Cause, and remain faithful to your vow,
            unto Maratrea your Goddess:
    then people of every land will bring offerings
        unto she who ought be adored
12] Then she will shatter the spirits of the usurping princes:
    how terrible indeed will she be to the usurping kings of the many worlds