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Psalm 75

1] We praise you O Goddess,
    unto you we offer praise
        you are as near to us as our very own selves
            for you are not other than any of us
        let us recount your wondrous deeds
2] The last days you have appointed
    each day in its branch
        you will pour out true justice upon the world
        most unlike the false justice
            of the blasphemous and fraudulent usurpers
3] All things shall dissolve
    the earth and its people shall melt away
        all things must come to an end
            but to begin again
        even the stars will perish
    all things rise and fall according to her will
4] Through your Prophets you say unto the enmity in its pride
        Boast not, for soon will come your downfall
    And you say unto the wicked usurpers
        From your high hill you will be cast down
5] From their high place the usurpers will be cast down
    their defiant words will be silenced
6] Without doubt the usurpers shall be cast down
    in the east and in the west
    in the deserts and in the mountains
7] Justice belongs to the Goddess alone
        Those who claim to work justice upon the earth
        Work naught but blasphemous lies with their tongues
        And grave wickedness with their bloody hands
    But these evil usurpers shall all be cast down
    Her Cause shall be exalted and shall assume the place
        For her Cause shall refrain from such wickedness
        Her Cause declares that justice belongs to heaven alone
8] The hand of Maratrea offers us a cup of heavenly wine
    The very wine of blessing
        The cup from which every last one will drink
        The wicked shall drink it along with the good
        They shall drain every last drop of it
    And when the cup is drained
    The many worlds will be no more
9] These truths I will proclaim my whole life long
    I will sing praises to the Goddess of Her Cause
        Which shall take the place of all the usurpers
10] All the usurpers will be cast down from their high places
    But her Cause will be raised up to an even higher station