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Psalm 74

1] O Goddess, you have brought distress to your servants in your Cause:
        yet whenever you bring misfortune to your children,
                you do so not from anger,
        but solely out of love for the beauties you thereby purchase:
                and every misfortune will be followed by glory:
        even when in our foolishness we think you have abandoned us,
                you will bring every foolishness to its end
2] Never could you forget your children,
                every last one of whom you perfectly remember being:
        from long before their births you purchased the particular being
                of every last one of them,
        through the rod of misfortune you visited on those who came before them:
        but through this generation you redeem yourself as to those prior:
        let us remember this mystery upon the slopes of your holy mountain:
        for though you dwell wherever any of your children dwell,
                there you dwell especially
3] In the last days you will visit your incomparable power
                upon the enmity in its pride:
        for you see all the many wickednesses that its servants have wrought,
                even defiling the sanctuaries of your holy temples and shrines,
                        and your sacred groves
4] The servants of the enmity, who hate and detest you,
                roared in the midst of your holy temples and shrines,
                        even upon the solemnity of your holy festival:
        they boasted as they slaughtered the faithful servants of your Cause:
                defiling your sacred symbol,
                        they erected the sign of their vile delusions
5] Renowned among the servants of the enmity
        are those who lifted up axes upon the thick trees,
                desecrating your sacred groves
6] Yet greater still the renown of those who wielded their axes
        upon the bodies of your servants,
                defiling your temples with blood
7] With fire they have razed your especial dwelling places,
        hoping that your many beautiful names be forgotten
8] The servants of the enmity have said in their hearts:
        Together let us entirely destroy the worship of this their goddess,
        burning down all their temples and shrines and places of assembly,
        that nowhere upon the earth may her festivals any more be kept
9] Alas for us, how near is their dream to fruition!
        We looked for signs of coming deliverance,
                yet no such signs could be found:
        the line of prophets has departed from us,
                and there is none among us who knows
                        how long until it be re-established
10] O Goddess, how longer will the enmity insult your Cause?
        Great is the blasphemy of the enmity against your many beautiful names,
                and we know this blasphemy will endure not forever –
                        but what joy would it be to our hearts,
                        to know the day and the hour!
11] When will we know those beauties for whose sake
                you stay your incomparable power,
                        even in the midst of our misery?
        When shall we know that beauty which you are, even in the flesh?
12] O Goddess, O Heavenly Queen, you are the beginning and end of all that is:
        and great is your work of the many worlds,
                a work of incomparable beauty
13] O great sea, you divided yourself by your incomparable power,
        dividing soul from soul, and in so dividing, becoming them:
        in the midst of the waters you bore the first of the holy sea dragons
14] When first you bore out of your very own being the holy whales,
        and gave them your wisdom as sustenance for their souls,
        as in later days you gave it unto us also,
        guidance to we who were lost in the wilderness of the many worlds
15] Upon a hard rock of ignorance you have founded all things:
        yet therefrom you will send forth springs and fountains,
                then in the last days a great flood:
        you dried up the mighty river of your wisdom,
                for in becoming us you wilfully become ignorant:
        yet it will become a torrent once again
16] Your day is the being of the many worlds,
        the holy night a sign which foretells and remembers
                your threefold Sabbath at the beginning-end of time:
        all this is your will, as is every last thing,
                precisely as you will it to be
17] You have set all the borders of the many worlds:
        dividing world from world, as you divided soul from soul:
                you have made the sweet summer of blessing,
                        and the hard winter which is the purchasing thereof
18] O glorious Maratrea, perfectly do you remember this winter so harsh,
        as the enmity insults your Cause,
                as fools blaspheme your many beautiful names
19] O Maratrea, you will permit not the souls of your beloved children
                to receive the fate which the false prophets threaten,
                        though a multitude follow them in their wickedness
        every last one of your children will receive the glory of blessing,
                even those who are now among the most poor therein
20] Perfectly faithful are you to your promises,
                which you have made through your true prophets:
        though the many worlds are filled with cruel places,
                how glorious the beauties purchased thereby:
        and she will visit us with foretastes of them
                in the midst of the holy darkness of night
21] You will permit not the oppressed to remain in their shame,
                for they will return to oneness with you:
        then every last one among the poor and needy in spirit,
                those whom you have for now deprived of the glory of blessing,
                        will praise your many beautiful names
22] O Goddess, your passion for the end is stirring,
                through which advances your Cause:
        though the fools scorn it day after day,
                you will lead it unto certain triumph
23] O Goddess, you forget not any thing,
        for all that has been and which shall be you perfectly remember:
                you know the path of triumph for your Cause,
                        for perfectly do you remember it triumphing:
        though the voice of the enmity deride,
                your Cause will conquer all who oppose it:
        and false prophecy will be brought to its end most tumultuous