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Psalm 73

1] Without doubt our Goddess is good to the people of her Cause:
        therefore does she favour them with purification of the heart
2] Though my feet have stumbled in the journey of her Cause:
        though my steps have strayed from that path which she has appointed
                through her true prophets
3] For I envied the fools who follow lying doctrines,
        for I saw them prospering even in the midst of their wickedness
4] They fear not death, even as the same fear molests me:
        their hearts are firm and strong in the midst of my wavering
5] Neither are they troubled as I am troubled:
        neither is their flesh plagued as mine is plagued
6] Enslaved by false pride,
        their robes are stained by the blood they have shed
7] Iniquity proceeds from the callousness of their hearts:
        the evil of their imaginings knows no bound
8] The wicked deeds they have wrought by their hands,
        and with their lips counselled:
                blasphemous frauds and vile usurpations,
                bloody sacrifices and crimes against love:
        in their arrogance they proclaim evil to be good,
                and the words of the evil one to be words of the divine
9] They set their mouth against your heavenly law,
                and the rightful rule of those whom you have appointed:
        throughout the many worlds such tongues are found,
                yet all such in the end will be silenced
10] For every last one among her children will return to oneness with her,
        having drunk deeply of the waters of her wisdom
11] O Goddess who knows all that it is to be known,
                in us you willingly became ignorant:
        your knowledge is to us a great mystery,
                which we shall comprehend only in becoming the very same as you:
        all knowledge is found in you, O beginning and end of all being
12] Behold that all are sinners, every last one,
        for all in being do every sin
                which is necessary for their own existence:
        into the aeons all will prosper,
                even those who are now gravely wicked:
        every last one receiving the glory of blessing,
                in comparison to which there is no greater wealth
13] Yet I said in my despair: How vainly have I cleansed my heart,
        and refrained from all things repugnant to her heavenly law
14] For my misfortune endures throughout day and night,
        and every morning begins yet again
15] Thus did I speak for my heart had forgotten
                your incomparable love for all your children:
        yet having for a season so forgotten,
                you favoured me with remembrance
16] I have tried to understand that truth you have revealed,
        that every evil you ordain for the sake of purchasing beauty:
                yet it is a truth painful to comprehend
17] So I meditated in your sanctuaries O Goddess,
                your holy shrines and temples:
        then my heart comprehended the purpose of all things
18] Surely you have appointed for all differing portions,
                even those you have cast down into ruin:
        but whoever receives in one branch a poor portion,
                in another you have appointed for them a portion
                                of utmost richness:
        and in death we proceed from knowledge of one branch
                to knowledge of others
19] In but a moment you make a greater portion into one far lesser,
                how terrifying a desolation as it endures!
        Yet whenever in one branch you so do,
                in another besides you so do not:
        and elevation follows every fall, in proper time
20] Those days of nightmarish life, if only one would awake:
                those beautiful dreams, from which to awaken is a tragedy,
        yet elsewhere they are not mere dreams but as real as life itself
21] For though my mind knew these things,
                yet of them my heart remained ignorant:
        how grieved indeed was my heart, how embittered my spirit
22] By your will I was foolish and ignorant,
                as the sacred animals were deprived of their reason and speech:
        even as you began to reveal to me the glory of your beauty,
                yet still you willed that my foolishness continue
23] Yet ever are you with me, as your incomparable power protects me:
        how closely do you hold me,
                O you who are as near to me as my very own self
24] You guide me through the counsel of your holy wisdom,
        which through your true prophets you are pouring out:
                thereafter you will lead me to the glory of blessing
25] I have no hope but your love as I pass through the gate of death:
        and whatever I truly desire I know is not other than you
26] Alas that my flesh and heart is failing me:
        but you, O Goddess strengthen my heart even at its most feeble,
        and through the glory of blessing you will bring me into your life
                which is without beginning or end
27] Without doubt, those spirits which lead many away from your truth
                will perish:
        and you will destroy every thought that despises you
28] Yet you have favoured me with knowledge of your intimate nearness to me,
                O Goddess:
        I have put my trust in your certain promises,
                O Heavenly Queen Maratrea:
        I will declare the glories you work at the gates of your holy city