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Psalm 72

1] You will grant your wisdom unto your Prophets, O Goddess,
    And fill their chosen successors with love for beauty
2] To govern the people of your Cause in love of goodness,
    those destitute of blessing in love of beauty.
3] From the mountains will come prosperity for the people of your Cause
    from the hills fruit of great beauty.
4] They shall defend the lowly among your Cause
    and shall raise up those of lowly heritage
        and shall cast down the usurpers
5] Their succession will endure
    as long as the sun and the moon and the stars endure,
        until all things end but to begin again
6] They will be as rain that falls on the thirsting land
    as showers falling gently upon the earth.
7] In the days of their Triumph, the love of beauty will flourish;
    and peace shall abound until the moon even ceases.
8] And their care shall extend from sea unto sea,
    from the rivers unto the ends of the earth.
9] The desert tribes shall honour them;
    and the enmity shall become as dust.
10] Their gifts they shall bestow upon the distant islands,
    and they will free every land from the tyranny of the usurpers.
11] At their urging the usurpers will renounce their usurpation
    and every nation shall be under their care
12] They will hear the cry of the needy, and provide deliverance
    Even for those who are loathed by the multidutes
13] They will show great love to the poor and downtrodden,
    And they shall liberate oppressed hearts.
14] They will rescue the downtrodden from usury and oppression,
    and their names will be honoured by those whom they rescue.
15] And their line shall endure, until all things end but to begin again,
    and it shall be honoured with gold and finest gemstones
    and there shall be continuous prayer that they be favoured
16] Great shall be the harvest of grain in those days
    and the harvest of the fruits of the mountain slopes
        and the cities shall flourish
            as shall the gardens thereof
17] And the name of their lineage shall continue
    until even the sun does cease
        through them all shall inherit blessing
            and in the last days even they shall be favoured therewith
18] Praise there be unto Maratrea our Goddess,
    the Goddess of the Cause,
        from whom every marvel proceeds.
19] Praise there be unto her glorious names,
    until all things end but to begin again;
        in the whole of the earth shall she be praised
    Thus will it be; thus will it be.
20] Thus ends the prayers of the beloved,
    who possesses a great heritage.