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Psalm 71

1] In your promises, O Maratrea, I have put my hope and my trust:
    never will you permit me to be defeated by confusion,
        neither to remain depressed
2] In your love of beauty you will without doubt rescue me,
    and cause me to escape from the clutches of the usurpers
        and the servants of the enmity,
            who ever work the blasphemy of fraudulent justice,
            who lust after my blood to spill
                upon their wicked altars:
    your sweet ears are ever bent toward me,
        for whatever I ask of you,
            you perfectly remember yourself so asking:
    without doubt will you save us, for in saving us you save yourself
3] You are my strong fortress, my rock, my refuge and my protection,
    whereunto I will ever have my resort,
        as you lead us unto certain victory:
    to save us you have given us the commandments of your Cause,
        and of your heavenly law, through which all are saved,
    even those who for now you have willed to be disobedient thereto
4] You will deliver me, O my Goddess, out of the hands of the wicked usurpers:
    out of the hands of those who love not beauty,
        all those who follow the false and lying prophets,
        and who put their trust in the false scriptures
            they have recorded:
    those persons who delight in cruelty
        unto whoever loves goodness and beauty
5] For you are my hope, O Heavenly Queen Goddess:
    you are my trust from my youth,
        whom I trusted before I ever knew
            that it was you in whom I placed my trust
6] From birth I have relied upon you,
    even as I knew not yet that it was you upon whom I relied:
        from the womb of my mother by the flesh you were ever my home:
        for as much as she is my mother by the flesh,
            you are my mother by the soul:
        and indeed she is not other than you,
            therefore do I ever praise you
7] The servants of her Cause shall be a wonder unto infidels:
    for it has a strong refuge in her power
8] By your will my mouth is filled with praise, as I sing of your glory,
    honouring your beauty day and night
9] Never will you abandon me, nor cause me to forget you:
    not even in those days when my vigour so decays
        that naught any longer can I do for your Cause:
    never do you forget, O you who perfectly remember,
        save when in willing forgetfulness you become us:
    but through the restoration of memory we become you in turn
10] The enmity defames me, defaming all those who serve her Cause:
    and its servants conspire to ensnare us in their vileness:
        the blood of those who escape their snares they seek,
            to spill upon wicked altars
11] Ever do they say of us:
    Their Goddess has forsaken them! Let us persecute and overtake them:
        for there is none to deliver them
12] O Goddess, never are you far from me:
    indeed, you are as near to me as my very own self,
        for you are not other than I:
    O my Goddess, you are hastening to help me
13] All those who aim at the life of the servants of your Cause,
    even though your Cause is to them no wrong,
        you will clothe in insult and scorn:
    by your favour for Cause you will disfavour them,
        as shame and disgrace come upon them
14] But by your favour we will continually hope,
    and publish afar knowledge of your promises:
        for such is the work of your Cause
15] My mouth will declare your love of beauty and your salvation all the day,
        and throughout your holy night:
    I knew not of our hope in the salvation of your promises,
        until I heard the words of your true Prophets
            in your true Scriptures recorded
16] I go forth by the incomparable power of our Goddess, Heavenly Queen:
    O Maratrea, I will speak of naught but your beauty which I adore
17] O Goddess, you have taught me from my youth,
    even before I knew that it was by you that I was so taught:
        and the wonders you have wrought I will proclaim
18] Even when I am old and grey-haired, O Goddess,
        your promises will not forsake me:
    though my flesh be drained of beauty,
        and as to those whose flesh will as yet still be filled
            with that beauty for which I long,
    that their flesh would approach mine,
        loving their beauty I will ask not:
    but I will declare you glory unto every generation,
        so that all to come will know of your power and your glory
19] O Goddess, none exceeds you in beauty,
        and whosoever is beautiful is none other than you:
    great indeed are the glories you have wrought in these here branches,
        and great the beauties you will bring about,
            after us and beside us:
    O Goddess, none can be compared to you,
        save whoever has become in every way identical to you!
20] O Goddess, none indeed is equal to you,
        save whoever has become exactly the same as you:
    all is by your will, even my distress,
        for the purchasing of beauty
            and the particularity of your Cause:
    but whenever you bring to me distress,
        you will lead me in turn to abundant life,
            even if I descend to the depths of despair
21] For the sake of your Cause you will increase my greatness,
    and your promises will comfort me in every circumstance
22] I will praise your truth with the psaltery, O my Goddess:
    unto you will I sing with the harp,
        O holiness of the people of your Cause
23] My lips greatly rejoice as I sing unto you:
    the rejoicing of my soul which you will rescue
        in accordance with your certain promises
24] My tongue will speak of your love of beauty all day long,
        and of your true justice which is of heaven alone:
    and whosever seeks to hurt the servants of your Cause
        will be confounded and brought to shame