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Psalm 70

1] Most Holy Mother, the deliverance of your favour for your Cause will come to me soon

2] By this favour will be disfavoured those who seek my destruction: they will be put to shame and confounded, turned backward and brought to dishonour, those who delight in my hurt, and all injury to your Cause

3] They will be turned back in shame, those who have exulted at our distress, saying unto those who have harmed us: well done, well done

4] All those who know you and love you will be filled with joy and gladness; those pleased at your promises will say, Come soon, O end of all things!

5] But I am poor and needy in my impatience – but you are hastening unto me, Most Holy Mother: you who by your promises are my certain salvation – O Mother, you will not tarry!