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Psalm 7

1] O Maratrea my Goddess, I take refuge in you: you will save and deliver me from all the servants of the enmity who persecute me,
2] You will not permit them to tear my spirit and my flesh apart like the demon-infested lion, rending it in pieces, while there is none to deliver.
3] O Maratrea my Goddess, I have done as they have done, being not other than them, and the guilt of each one is on the hands of all, and your hands are the guiltiest of them all
4] Yet I will repay not my enemy with evil, nor rob my foe as they rob me, for such is not the way of your Cause
5] Thus by the favour of your Cause, you will permit not the enmity to pursue and overtake me; permit them not to trample my life in the ground, and reduce my honour to dust. Laudate.
6] Arise, O Maratrea, in your passionate longing for the end of all things; appoint now an end to the reign of the usurpers. Awaken, O my Goddess, your desire for the triumph of goodness and beauty which you have decreed for the final days, as much as you have willed the usurpers to reign in the earlier ones.
7] The assembled people of your Cause, a people gathered of many peoples, will come before your holy Great Temple; as you sit enthroned over the many universes, in your heaven far beyond.
8] Maratrea will judge the many souls of the many universes, for perfect is the justice of heaven, most unlike its blasphemous imitations upon the earth. You will vindicate those vowed faithful to your Cause, O Maratrea, according to our great love of goodness and beauty, according to the fullness of that love in us, O Far Beyond.
9] You will bring to an end the violence of the enmity; you will make secure those who love the truly good and the truly beautiful; you, O Goddess of incomparable beauty, who knows the secret of every mind and every heart, for there is none who you do not perfectly remember being, and none who you shall not become.
10] O Goddess, you assist us through your favour: the deliverance of your promises will heal every heart
11] My Goddess is the only rightful judge; for every other judge, upon the earth or in the heavens or beneath the earth, is blasphemous usurper. A Goddess who makes known everyday her passionate longings for her very own self.
12] If they relent not, she will cause the servants of her Cause to sharpen their swords, and bend and string their bows.
13] They will prepare deadly weapons, and make ready flaming arrows; not for false justice, or wicked murder, or to offer bloody sacrifices to the most pallid Pandal; but for the triumph she has promised to her Cause.
14] Behold, they travail for the enmity, and have fomented trouble for her Cause, and brought forth false prophets and false scriptures
15] They have dug a pit for the people of her Cause, but that pit which they have made for us, they shall fall into themselves.
16] The trouble they have ordained for us shall return to them; the violence they plan for us shall befall them.
17] I will praise Maratrea on account of her vast beauty, incomparable and unspeakable; I will sing the praises of the many names of far-beyond Maratrea.