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Psalm 69

1] O Goddess, without doubt will you deliver me
    for my heart is flooded with tears
2] I have sunken into the deep abyss of despair
        where I can find not any foothold
    I find myself adrift in the depths of the sea
        and the floods engulf me
3] I am weary of my crying; and parched is my throat
    my eyes fail, as I wait for my Goddess
        to grant me the blessing she has promised
4] How many are those who for no good cause detest me!
        Are they more than the hairs of my head?
    many are our enemies, against their own good
        who seek to destroy your Cause which we serve
    we have done naught which is wrong,
            yet with severity do they punish us
        for the one whom they worship in their hearts
            delights in the suffering of innocents
5] You know my ignorance and my error, O Goddess,
        for it was and it will be your own
    all of my errors are known to you
        for they were and will be your errors also
6] None who truly adores you will be shamed
    at the shortcomings of your children
        even of the servants of your Cause
        even of the Prophets you have appointed to lead your Cause
    O Maratrea, Goddess of immense power
        if they truly adore you,
            such shortcomings shall cause them not
                to lose faith in your promises
    of Goddess of the people of your Cause
7] It is for your sake that I have endured
        the insults of the enmity to your Cause
    out of fear thereof I have concealed your glory from the multitudes
8] On account of my faith in you
        I have become estranged from the house of my birth
    for they have abhorred the truth you have bestowed upon me
9] My longing for the glories you have promised me
        is devouring my soul from within;
    as the scorn of those who mock you is growing ever louder.
10] I weep in this long fast of my soul
    in which it forgoes its destined blessing
        then they mock me for my tears
11] I am as one dressed in mourning clothes;
    and the object therefore of their derision
12] I am mocked in their public places
    and their drinking songs speak not well of me
13] But as to me, my prayer is unto you, O Maratrea
    I know you will favour me with an end to my misfortune
        on account of the certainty of your promises
            and your favour for your Cause
    I know that your love for me is incomparable, O Goddess
    and you will without doubt answer my prayer
        and save me from every misfortune
14] I am drowning in repulsive mud;
        yet you will save me therefrom
    you will save me from the enmity
        and from the deep sea which is made of my tears
15] Though a flood of tears bears down up me
        it cannot sweep my soul away to destruction
    though the sea of my tears seem deep
        I shall drown not beneath its waves
    though they threaten me with a flaming pit as my everlasting abode
        I know from your truth that such a thing be impossible
16] O Maratrea, you will answer this my prayer
    you have already heard it,
        for you remember yourself so praying it, even as me
    your love for me is incomparable
        on which account you will bestow upon me
            you threefold favour
17] You abandon not the servants of your Cause
        even in the midst of their gravest troubles
    but may these trials which it herenow endures
        for the sake of the particularity of its blessing
    quicken unto their end
18] You are as near to my soul as I am to myself
    for you are not other than me
        I have been you and I will be you
        you have been I and you will be I
    you will rescue me in your own self-rescuing
    you will deliver yourself from the enmity
        unto which you delivered yourself
19] You know the shame that is in my heart
        and the confusion
        and the timidity
    you so know for you remember it being in your heart also
        for your heart is not other than mine
        as you are not other than me
    you know what is done by all those who hate me
        for you remember yourself so doing
        for you were and will be them
        as much as you were and will be I
20] Their mockery has broken my heart
        and my heart overflows with heaviness
    I looked for any who could understand my heart
        yet none could I find
    I looked for any who could comfort me in this my affliction
        yet none could I find
21] My heart hungers, yet they will give me only poisoned food to eat
    My heart thirsts, yet to drink they will give it only spoiled wine   
22] Yet their feast will become a snare for them
    their hearts will hunger and thirst as mine does
    obstacles will appear before them, upon which they will stumble
23] They say, Clearly do we see;
        and yet their eyes are blinded to spiritual truth
    and when that truth is revealed to them
        O how their loins will tremble!
24] Your love you will pour out upon them
    that the burning fire of desire overtake them
25] Then will they abandon their fortresses
    and none will be found in their tents
26] When you send us trials
        for the sake of the particularity of the blessing of your Cause
    it is they who are your instruments in our trial
        and they recount our sorrows with glee
27] Their crimes are also our crimes, are also yours
        For we have been them and they have been us
        For we will be them and they will be us
        For they have been you and you have been them
        For they will be you and you will be them
    Whatever their crimes, however grave
        certain is their share in your salvation
28] No name may be blotted out from the book of those who will receive glory
    the wicked as well as the good are found therein
        and found in equal places
29] I am poor and sorrowful;
    but to think of your salvation, O Goddess, raises my spirits
30] I will praise the names of the Goddess with song
    I will praise her for her glory
31] And this is as pleasing to Maratrea
        as cakes and wine and incense
32] Those poor in their hearts shall see their deepest dreams fulfilled by blessing
    O you who seek after such things
        know that our Goddess will revive you!
33] Maratrea hears the cry of those poor in their souls
        those for a little while kept from the riches of blessing
    she hears their cry, for she remembers herself so crying
    her children enchained in this herenow prison she despises not
        for poverty for them is riches for others
        and chains for them is liberty for others
        but the poor become rich as the rich become poor
        the enchained become free as the free become enchained
34] She will be praised throughout the earth and the heavens
    The sea which she is will praise her
        and every soul that moves therein
35] The Goddess will rescue the appointed gathering place of her Cause
    and therein will she build up illustrious cities
    that the people of her Cause may gather there to dwell together
    and gather up riches for each succeeding generation
36] And those who come after us in the service of your Cause
        shall inherit it
    and those who love your names
        shall dwell in it

v4:  Indeed, so does he, the most pallid Pandal, delight,
    while the guilty live lives of ease;
    such is the father of all fraudulent justice
                and all usurpation
                and all false laws
                    that are of earth
                        and not of heaven   
        to whom bloody sacrifices are offered
            in immense wickedness