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Psalm 68

1] As the Cause of the Goddess arises,
    the enmity against it shall scatter;
    her foes shall flee before the progress of her Cause.
2] Her Cause drives them away as smoke:
    as wax melts before the fire,
    the wickedness perishes through the will of the Goddess.
3] But those who truly love beauty shall know gladness
    great will be their ecstasy before their Goddess;
    they will be happy,
    and live lives overflowing with true joy.
4] Sing unto the ultimate Goddess,
    sing in praise of her many names,
    extol she who dwells beyond the heavens;
    rejoice before she who is
    among whose many names is Maratrea
5] A mother unto all, according to their soul,
    a mother especially unto the motherless
    a mother who leads the downtrodden in rebellion
    against wicked usurpational powers
    the Goddess dwells in her holy dwelling
6] Great is her love for the unloved
    great is her friendship unto the friendless
    she leads forth the prisoners in singing
    as they break free of their chains
    the usurpation will be cast out to the furthest deserts
7] O Goddess, you will lead the people of your Cause
    in their marching forth through the wilderness


8] The earth shall tremor at the sign of their progress
    from your heavens will you pour down the rain of wisdom
    as a great flood washing over the earth
    a certain sign that you are the ultimate Goddess
    the ultimate one who revealed herself
    at the mountain of the lunar goddess
    who in revealing herself
    establishes her Cause
9] You will send forth abundant showers of wisdom, O Goddess
    whenever your Cause is in need of refreshment.
10] In the land you have promised them
    shall the people of your Cause make their home
    from its bounty, O Goddess, you shall cure their poverty
11] Maratrea proclaims words of truth
    through a great assembly of her priestesses
12] The usurpers and their armies shall flee in haste
    and unto her priestesses shall their riches be given
13] Even as you sleep amidst the fires of your camp
    when the day of glory appears yet distant
    she is pouring out for you the wine of her wisdom
    by her favour you are sheltered, and led unto great riches.
14] The Almighty Goddess shall scatter the usurpers
    first in the land she has promised
    then throughout the entirety of the earth:
    indeed, the whole earth will be cleansed
        by those who until then hide amidst the shadows
15] O divine mount
        O mount of fertility
    O mount of utmost height
        O mount of fertility
16] The near utmost mounts gaze upon you desirously
    those roots that have come again
        in the greater enlightenment
    when shall their longings be fulfilled?
    when shall they be reunited
    with the mount Maratrea dwells upon perpetually
    in the forward-vein of ever-remaining?
17] The power of the Goddess is greater than many myriads of chariots
    Many myriads of chariots shall the enmity send against us
        Yet they will be utterly destroyed
    Her favour shall lead us from the mountain of the lunar goddess
        unto her heavenly realms
18] You descend unto the deepest abyss
    so that you ascend again to the utmost heights
        Having willingly entered captivity
        You take that very captivity captive
    overflowing with generosity
        you bestow the gift blessing unto your children
            unto every last one
    even unto those who serve the usurpation and the enmity
    for the love of you
        O Great Goddess Maratrea
            shall dwell in even their hearts
19] Praise there be unto Maratrea,
    O Goddess who saves us from despair,
        and daily does she favour us.


20] Our Goddess is the fount of all salvation;
    from the Sovereign Maratrea comes escape
    from despair and doom and unending destruction.
21] Surely the Goddess will crush the head of the enmity,
    the crowns of the usurpers she shall shatter
    she will not permit them to continue in wickedness.
22] Maratrea says
        From the mount of fertility that I am
            I have led them forth;
        from the depths of the sea of all souls
            the sea that I am
                I have raised them up
23] Your feet shall wade in the blood of the enmity
    and the tongues of the holy dogs shall sing of your victory
24] Your procession, O Goddess, has come into view,
        the procession of our Goddess
        and Heavenly Queen
            into the sanctuary of her great Temple.
25] First come the singers, the musicians following
    with them are the young priestesses playing the lyre.
26] Praise the Goddess in the holy assembly;
    praise Maratrea in the assembly of the people of her Cause.
27] The place of honour among them,
    is taken not by the old, but by the young,
    accompanied by a great throng of priestesses praising,
        whom we honour,
        and in whose name we wage holy war.
    there the great throng of princesses praising,
    and there the princesses of honour and of holy war.
28] Summon your power, O Goddess;
    display unto all your strength, our Goddess,
    your strength in favour of your Cause,
        as you have done already,
            before and besides here.
29] Your great temple in the holy city being consecrated,
        even the usurpers will bring you gifts.
30] Rebuked shall be all the companies of the enmity;
        those who with glee wield lances of death
        and whose hearts are filled with evil spirits   
        and who oppose always the true prosperity of your children
    even they shall submit themselves unto her Cause in its assumption
        and pay thereunto precious tribute
    you will scatter those powers which delight in unjust war
31] From the great powers among the usurpers
        envoys shall be sent forth
    even distant lands from among the usurpers
        shall submit themselves to the Goddess
32] Sing to the ultimate Goddess,
    all peoples of the earth
        sing to the mother of your souls
            the Heavenly Queen
    sing praise to Maratrea
33] To she who is enthroned in her most far beyond heaven
    without beginning and without end
        whose voice is sweeter than life
        and more pleasant than the most pleasant of deaths
34] And all shall proclaim the power of the Goddess
    the glory of whose beauty is ineffable and unutterable
        the people of her Cause even now proclaim it;
        in the last days, so shall ever soul, every last one
    her heavenly power appears as a sacred thundercloud
        a sign foretelling the coming of the last days
35] O ultimate Goddess, you fill us with awe
        and all who perceive you in your heavenly sanctuary
        and all who perceive your great temple on this earth
            O Goddess, you give strength and power to the people of your Cause
    Praise there be unto the ultimate Goddess!