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Psalm 67

1] Holy Mother, may you favour us greatly, O Goddess of immense fecundity
And may we gaze upon your countenance of impassible beauty
2] May true beauty and true goodness be known on earth
as your Cause bestows salvation upon all nations
3] May people of all nations praise your glory, Holy Mother,
for you created them all for the sake of the beauties they contain
4] May the nations be glad to receive the reign of your Cause
a reign of truth, and guidance in accords with the love of beauty
5] May they all sing great hymns to praise your unending glory
6] From the branches the fruit of blessing is harvested
For the sake of which fruit the branches were grown
7] Our Mother shall bless us,
And true goodness and true beauty shall triumph over all things
To bring about the final end
As all things must end
But to begin again