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Psalm 65

1] Worthy are you of our praise, O Goddess, in your holy city; the place appointed for the gathering of the people of your Cause: and unto you shall the vow be performed, the vow of faithfulness to your holy Cause.
2] O you that hears every prayer, for indeed you remember so praying, unto you shall every soul return.
3] Overwhelmed have we been by the weight of their wickedness weighing down on us; but you have disregarded our errors which you commanded for us.
4] Favoured are they whom you choose for your Cause, and draw near to you, that they may dwell in your courts;    we shall be satisfied with the blessings of your myriad mansions; and by your holy great temple.
5] With terrifying beauties you answer the longings of our hearts, O Goddess by whom we are saved: you are the hope of the people of your Cause, who trust in your promises: even those in the furthest lands, and upon the far off seas
6] your power far exceeds the tallest mountains, who were formed in accordance with your will
7] your power far exceeds the great storms of the sea, the waves and the roar and the foam; and the schemes of the usurpational powers
8] those who stand upon the threshold of glory revere your sacred signs: with joy you cause the day to murmur; you cause the night to sing of the beauty of its darkness
9] the rain of true wisdom you pour down upon the earth, enriching it abundantly: it forms your great river, such a glorious torrent: and cakes and wine you offer us as sustenance for our souls, in the sacrament you have ordained
10] drenching us with your wisdom, you turn our furrows to rivulets: with copious showers you soften us, that our souls bring forth fresh sprouts
11] With your bounty of goodness and beauty and truth have you crowned the year, according to your sacred calendar: and dripping with dew of sweetness are the tracks of your priestesses
12] The waters overflow, and drip upon the soft foliage of the wilderness; and the singing of beautiful voices is heard among the hills
13] In field and forest and lake, the sacred animals assemble; in the depths of lush valleys; among them also is heard the singing of beautiful voices.