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Psalm 64

1] O Goddess, as I pray, you without doubt hear me
        for you remember yourself praying the selfsame prayer
    from fear of the enmity you will preserve the peace of my heart
2] By your favour for your Cause
    you will protect me from the secret combinations of the wicked
        and from all the plots of the enmity
3] Their tongues are like the knives
        with which they offer the sacrifice
        upon altars stained with blood
    With glee they torture their victims
        dividing limb from limb
    Their vile words praise their wickedness   
4] Their false justice loves to destroy the innocent
    they attack without mercy
        such is the vileness in their hearts
        this vileness which they call justice
        but all their justice is falsehood
5] They encourage one another in their plans for evil
        they hide not the wickedness in their heart
        they say: The multitudes approve of us!
    but the hearts of the multitude are as wicked as theirs
6] They say, We are perfecting justice!
    But they are compounding their frauds and their blasphemies
    Corrupt are their minds, and corrupt are their hearts
7] But in her disfavour for their wickedness
    she shall cast them into division against one another
    then suddenly in their weakness
    her Cause will conquer them
    and assume the place of the usurpers
8] The violence of their tongues they will turn against themselves
    their associates will flee unto safety
9] Every soul longs for glory
    and will come to recognise its longing
    and to recognise the Goddess as naught other
        than that for which it longs
    they will proclaim every deed she has ever done
        seeing the great beauties purchased by every evil
    they will ponder at the perfection of her being
        the perfect arrangement of all things
10] Those who love beauty will rejoice in Maratrea
        they will take refuge in her favour
    all those whose hearts truly love beauty
        will praise her for her glory