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Psalm 63

1] O Goddess, you are my Goddess
    I will seek after you at dawn
        my soul thirsts for glories that you alone can grant
            what I long for my flesh cannot give
                yet you can give all flesh
        I am lost in a dry and thirsty land, without water
            yet you have promised rain
            and certain is your promise to be fulfilled
2] I long for the moment when I shall see
    your power and your glory in the fulness thereof
        as I gaze upon the beauty of your perfect face
        in your heavenly chamber
            of which your shrines and temples upon the earth
            are a sign, a remembrance and foretelling
3] For your incomparable love conquers the terror of death
        those who preach nothingness will be utterly disproved
    therefore do I praise you with my lips
4] Therefore I will praise you as long as I live
    I will praise you at my death
    I will praise you thereafter
    I will praise you until I become you who I am praising
        as my praising of you becomes one with your very own self-praising
    I prostate myself before the perfection of your feet
        as I praise your many holy names
5] My soul will be replenished by the wine of your favour
    my mouth will sing your praise
        as I tremble in the ecstasy you bestow
6] Will you visit upon my dreams a foretaste of your glory?
    In the midst of the holy night I meditate on you
7] Ever do you help me through your favour
        Even when your favour appears absent
    You have covered me with the sweet darkness of ignorance
        For therein will I find the ecstasy of blessing
8] I cling to you
    for I know that you are not other than me
        you bore my soul out of your very own being
            by your will you emptied yourself to become me
        and as I have come from absolute identity with you
            so to absolute identity with you shall I return
    I know that all that is or has been or ever shall be
        is precisely such by your will and your power
    I know this for you have favoured me with the favour of your Cause
    and in knowing this I am joined to your Cause that you favour
9] The enmity seeks the destruction of my soul
        or else its everlasting suffering
    it seeks what is utterly impossible
        but in its delusion it believes
            the impossible to be possible
    if it was not so deluded
        it would not be the enmity
    but the enmity which desires for us what is impossible for us
        will receive the very same itself
        for what is impossible for us is not impossible for it
    for the soul may cease not
        but a spirits may cease
10] The enmity shall be shattered by the armies of her holy Cause
    the enmity that loved the sword shall perish by it
        their destiny by your unalterable will       
    that with cunning like unto that of the holy foxes
        your Cause will destroy it
11] The holy prophets will find joy in their Goddess
    those vowed to serve her Cause inherit glory:
        but the false prophets will be silenced