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Psalm 61

1] You hear my cry, O Goddess;
    with your promises you answer my prayer,
    the prayer you remember yourself praying.
2] From the most distant lands I will cry unto you,
    whenever my heart is overwhelmed;
        you are my refuge
            where none of the powers of the enmity may grasp
3] For you have become my certain hope,
    your power protects me from all the usurpers
4] I have abided and will abide in your tabernacle of glory
    without beginning and without end
        in the tabernacle of identity with you
    I take refuge in your protection
        as the young bat takes refuge in the wings of its mother
5] O Goddess, you have heard my vow to serve your Cause
        for you remember you yourself so swearing
    therefore have you given me the inheritacne
        reserved for those who adore your names
6] You will prolong the line of your Prophets
    their succession shall endure
        until all things end but to begin again
7] They will abide under the protection of the Goddess
        until all things end but to begin again
    By your incomparable love, and your faithfulness to your promises
        will their line be preserved
8] So will we sing praises unto your names, day after day,
        until all things end but to begin again
    that on every day we will remain faithful
        to our vow to serve your Cause