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Psalm 60

1] O holy Goddess, you will never reject your Cause
    neither permanently destroy it
    whatever misfortunes you send unto us
        you send unto us not in anger
        but rather in the passion of love
        in the passion of love for the beauties thereby purchased
2] Fearful trembling have you visited upon the many lands
    the peoples are divided against one another
        but whatever is divided you will join together again
        and whoever falls into desolation you will rescue
3] Days of despair have you visited upon the people of your Cause
    that they drink strong wine that they may forget their sorrows
4] But you have given us a sign that is the doom of the enmity
    a sign that declares the ultimate truth

C. The sign here mentioned is none other than the holy symbol


5] With your power you deliver your Cause from the mouth of the enmity
        a fierce and unpleasant mouth
            with sharp and blood-stained teeth
    with your favour you favour your Cause that you love
6] The Goddess has spoken in her inutterable holiness
    Ultimate bliss is mine without beginning and without end
    In the vein of the ever-remaining
    Bliss and favour I have apportioned in differing degrees
        in the many branches that I have divided
    Yet on some have I poured out
        the depths of despair which I have measured
    In whatever amount as beauty be needful to drink
7] My wisdom bubbles up as a billowing spring
        from which all who long for truth may drink
    Yet as I cause wisdom, I am also mother of all forgetfulness
    Yet such have I bore, for the sake of the glory of its numerous fruits
    I am praised by my servants for the perfection of my laws
    My law is their protection in the midst of their distress
8] I am mother even of my very own self
    I have reduced myself into the many worlds
    But I am also the laver of my very own self-purification
    Upon the burning red flames of glory
        I have cast my bounds
        That they consume not the many worlds
        Until the day and hour which I have appointed
    No soul is a stranger unto me
    All are my friends, and even dearer,
        my children, my very own self   
9] Who shall lead my Cause through the gates of the well-guarded city?
        The seat of many usurpations
    Who shall lead my Cause unto the burning red flames of glory?
10] O Goddess, you shall never reject us
    O Goddess, the presence of your favour
        will never depart from the people you have chosen
11] You assist us always in our distress
    for vain is the hope of the enmity by which we are oppressed
12] Through your favour, O Goddess, our victories will be glorious
    and the enmity will be crushed beneath our feet