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Psalm 6

1] Most Holy Mother, you never anger
           All that is being as it is by your will
           Yet still, my heart overflows with shame
2] My deeds are your will, as is my shame at them
           For you will with two wills
           One of the means, and one of the end
           One in earlier times, and one in the last days
3] Deep is the anguish of my soul
           How much longer must these days continue?
4] Fill me with the certainty of deliverance
           And with perfect faith in all your promises
5] The dead proclaim your name, O Mother
           May through me it be proclaimed also among the living
6] Yet my bones tire from this anguish
           Which comes to me in the depth of the night
           May I be visited instead by your countenance
7] By the sweet beauty you once revealed to me
           May it return to me in your time of trouble
8] The persecutors shall cease their pursuit
           For she has promised me triumph and glory
9] She hears the cries of our hearts
           And without doubt she grants every last one of them
           In many branches from herenow descending
10] The enemies of her Cause shall know the anguish I now know
           And the people of her Cause shall know the triumph of glory