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Psalm 58

1] O people of her Cause, do your words declare your love of beauty?
    Do you know her heavenly law,
        and hold it as all who truly love beauty must:
            refraining from the blasphemy of fraudulent justice?
    O you among the children of Maratrea,
        whom she has chosen to serve her Cause?
2] But how can you be said to so know,
        when in your hearts horrid lies are spoken?
    On account of your errors,
        how much does the glory she has promised us tarry:
            how many faithful dreams have you slaughtered?
    There may be no doubt that it is very many indeed!
    O you who have remained silent as the wicked work their violence:
3] The wicked are estranged from the heavenly womb that bore them:
    souls that went astray as soon as she had born them,
            out of her very own being:
    souls ever speaking such lies as the false prophets speak
4] The poison of their words is like that of the venomous serpents:
    a poison that renders many a soul deaf to the truth
5] A soul that will heed not the song of her true Prophets,
    even their most enchanting words
6] Their citadels you will shatter, O Heavenly Goddess:
    the citadels of the enmity to your Cause:
    the citadels of those who are likened to the demon-infested lions,
        thirsting for blood: O Maratrea
7] From her heaven, the waters of her wisdom descends,
                as a torrential downpour, ever-flowing:
    and it will wash away the enmity and the usurpation:
        their assemblies she will disfavour with dismemberment,
            as their dreams of false glory come to naught
8] The usurpation and the enmity will melt away as wax does,
        as the heavenly fire falls upon them,
            which is her favour for her Cause:
    and the blinding brightness of their false glory
        will be overcome with the holy darkness of night
9] O many worlds, how do the thorns and stinging nettles cover you!
    But our heavenly Mother is sending her holy fire to burn them to ashes,
    then shall the soft and luxurious foliage of her Cause take their place
10] All who truly love beauty will rejoice as they witness their vindication:
    they shall wash their feet in the blood of the enmity
11] Such that all will come to say,
    Truly those who love beauty will receive that which they love,
        even in the fullness thereof, which is blessing:
    verily she is a Goddess that judges the many worlds
        with the perfect justice found in heaven alone,
        in no wise ever found upon the earth,
    truly judging every evil that she wills
        as necessary to purchase some good