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Psalm 57

1] You favour me, O Goddess, you favour me
    my soul takes refuge in the protection of your favour
    you will hide me in the shadow of your wings
            as the mother bat hides her child
    until these calamities are overpast
2] I cry out to the ultimate Goddess
    to the Goddess who brings about all things out of love for me
3] You will send forth your favour from your heaven far beyond to rescue us
        and the enmity that oppresses us you will reduce to shame


    Our Goddess sends us her incomparable love
        and her undeniable truth
4] My soul is surrounded by fiercest of lions
        by numerous demons infested
            with lust for taste of human flesh
            which they greedily devour with glee
    their teeth pierce the soul as weapons and arrows
    their false and lying tongues are as sharpened souls
5] You are exalted, O Goddess, in your heaven far beyond
    and the many worlds are the fruit of your glory
6] The enmity has spread a net for my feet
        I am weary from distress
    A deep pit have they dug in the path of your Cause
        Yet that pit they have dug for us
            into it they themselves have fallen

7] Steadfast is my heart, O Goddess whom I adore
    with the deepest depths of my soul I will sing your praise
8] May all my soul be stirred
    to praise you with harp and lyre
    may I greet the dawn with praises of your beauty
9] My lips will praise you, O most glorious Maratrea
        in the midst of many multitudes
    in the lands of usurpation I will sing your praise
10] For your love is incomparable
    no greater love than yours is found
        beneath the heavens, neither beyond them
            nor in them themselves
    your promises are more certain than the sky
11] You are exalted, O ultimate Goddess, beyond the furthest heavens
    the glory of your beauty is secreted throughout the many worlds
    O, what day when what is hidden is revealed to us!