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Psalm 56

1] Great is your love for me, O Goddess
        even though by your secret will
        you have sent the enmity to pursue me
        and all day long they oppress me
2] Every day they seek to encompass me
    numerous are those who oppose me
3] Yet whenever I fear
    I put my trust in the certainty of your promises
4] O great and holy Goddess
    I praise you for the wisdom
        you have bestowed upon me
    Through this wisdom I know your certain promises
        in which I place my trust
    Thereby am I freed from fear
    What can the enmity do to me?
5] From dawn until dusk they twist my words
        and even into the late hours of the night
    their thoughts are filled with hatred for her Cause
    her Cause which I have vowed to serve
6] They gather together in combinations
    they hide their wicked intentions
        they watch the journeyings of her Cause
            their will is for its destruction
7] Without doubt, you will grant them not victory
    even if they conquer in one battle
        without doubt they will be defeated in this holy war
    may your passion for the end of all things burn like fire
        may their final defeat come to us now quickly
8] My misery is perfectly recorded in your memory
        for perfectly do you remember being me
        and suffering the very same suffering which now I am suffering
    yet every misery you willing bring upon yourself
        for the sake of its fruit, which is great joy
        may we soon come to will precisely as you will
9] We cry unto you, O Mother
    that the enmity be soon turned back
        without doubt it shall be turned back
        never to turn forward again
        until all things ends but to begin again
    this we know by the certainty of your promises
        through which you have favoured your Cause
10] I praise you, O Goddess
        for the glory that you have promised us
    I praise you, O Maratrea
        for the glory that you have promised us
11] In your promises I trust
    therefore I am freed from fear
        what can the enmity do to me?
12] I am vowed to serve your Cause, O Goddess
    I will praise you for your glory
13] For you have delivered my soul from the depths of despair
            the deepest longings of my heart
            the enmity declares will go forever unfulfilled
        you deliver my path from error
    that I will journey into the glory of the fulness of your being
        the glory of blessing