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Psalm 55

1] O Goddess, perfectly do you hear my every prayer
    and no request of my heart do you ignore
    you hear what I ask for you have asked the same yourself
    the desires of my heart are not other than yours
2] without doubt you will grant
        everything that I truly wish
        if not now, then without doubt very soon
    yet my thoughts trouble me
        and my heart is distraught
    for as yet is imperfect my faith in your promises
3] the enemies of your Cause
    they defame me every day
    with all the wicked lies which they say
    they threaten me with doom
        and every manner of disaster
    they are cause of great suffering among my days
        and their hate boils against me in their anger
4] how anguished is my heart!
    how do I live in the terror of unceasing death
    which those who deny your promises have promised me
5] I tremble in fear when I hear their teachings
    for their doctrines are too horrid for truth
    yet still does my heart fear that they might be
6] And I say, O, that had I wings
    as the sacred creatures of your holy night sky
        I would fly from this torment
        and at last be at rest
7] Far from here would I flee
    flee even unto your heaven
    might I find there for myself my true home?
8] I would hasten thereunto, unto my place of shelter
        from this violent, tempetuous storm
    yet were I to flee thereunto, what would you say?
        That storm is naught other than my beauty
        You have known the suffering
        But now may you know the beauty
        Which by suffering alone may be purchased
9] O holy mother Maratrea,
    confuse these evildoers in all their plans
    may their tongues be turned against themselves
    in the city were they reign supreme in usurpation
    division and violence shall soon arise
10] They guard the walls of their citadel of error
        Day and night they walk atop them
        Meanwhile the truth is tunnelling beneath them
        And soon those walls will tumble
    Yet for now their reigns within those walls malice and abuse
        Against all that is good, against all that is true
        Against all that is beautiful
11] Desolation labours within their city
    Their threats and lies are ever heard on its streets
        Even in the midst of the holy night
12] O if one who declared themselves for the enmity had insulted me
        I could better endure their insults
    if it was one had who vowed from the first to serve the enmity
        from their taunts could I have hidden my heart   
13] Instead it is a dear companion, a dear friend
    who turns from her Cause unto the enmity thereto
    who turns from friendship unto enmity
14] I had once enjoyed the sweetness of friendship with you
    as we walked about the holy temple of the Goddess
15] Destruction will take the enmity by surprise
    it will descend into obliteration
        for great has been the evil of its days
16] We call unto the Goddess Maratrea
    she saves us from every despair
17] At dawn, at dusk, and at noontide
    I call out in my distress
    and perfectly does she hear my voice
    for perfectly does she remember she herself so calling
18] Though vast are the enemies arrayed against me
    yet she rescues me from their claws
19] O holy Goddess, heavenly queen
    whose perfect reign is without beginning and without end
    without doubt do you hear our cry
    and soon shall you fulfill the longing of our hearts
    the enmity will be reduced to nothingness
    they will change not their ways
        until you will that their ways change
    they will love you not
        until you will that they love you
20] I once called that one my friend
        yet their once friends do they now attack
    thus do they violate their sacred vow
21] They have been apportioned a lot of richness
        yet they love not that richness
            which lies is within their grap
        while those far poorer than they
            long for that which they reach for not
    yet their richness
        of which they have availed themselves not for blessing
    though long it has endured
        yet soon now reaching an end
    their hearts are weak
        lacking the fire of desire
    their weak hearts bear not fruit
        thus what they have will be taken from them
22] Deliver unto Maratrea all your deepest longings
    know that without doubt she will fulfill every last one
        if not in these here branches
        then in some besides them
        and she will grant you perfect knowledge thereof
    trust in her promises
        and she will sustain you as you await their fulfillment
    therefore those who have perfected their faith in her
        they will never be shaken
23] But you, O holy Goddess
        will bring down all wickedness
            into the deep pit of obliteration
        bloodthirstiness and wickedness
            will be cut short in their days
    and as for I
        I will trust in the certainty of your promises