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Psalm 54

1] Holy Goddess, save me through your power
Through the favour of your Cause, and your promises
2] This prayer I cannot doubt that you will hear
And cannot doubt that you will fulfil
For hearing all things, you hear even my heart
And certain is the triumph of your Cause
And certain is your promise of Blessing
3] Arrogant are the foes who attack me
And with ruthlessness destroy my deepest dreams. Laudate
4] Yet you, O Mother, are my certain hope
Who sustains me until my day of glory
And for that day, which shall come without doubt
For which I now patiently wait, and work towards
For the sake of that day, all things are
5] May you turn our enemies into friends
And overthrow those who reign over us in falsehood
6] Unto your Cause shall I sacrifice
I shall speak of your great deeds
For all that is, you have made it be as such
And all that you have done, is good
And though for now I be troubled
7] From all troubles shall I be delivered in the end
And I shall dwell in glory
As all I wish for comes to pass
And those who oppose me shall know defeat.