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Psalm 53

1] Thus have the fools said in their hearts: There is no supreme beauty, no supreme good, no supreme truth; from these words follow corruption, abominable iniquities, and little that is good

2] Heaven looks down upon the land, upon its children, to see if any among them understand, if any among them seek the supremely good and beautiful and true

3] Yet every one of them turns away from the truth: altogether filthy have they become in their words and deeds — none believes in goodness, not even one

4] Can these iniquitous ones truly be lacking in knowledge? They eat the flesh of other people as if they were eating bread; they have no thought of the supreme good

5] Yet they are overflowing with fear, though there be no fear to overflow them: for the supreme good scatters every fear which threatens

6] O that the glory of the people of the most holy Cause shall come forth from the appointed place of gathering!
When she abolishes the captivity of her children in her Cause, and frees them from chains of usurpational law,
            the Prophets shall rejoice, and the people of the Cause shall be flooded with gladness