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Psalm 52

1] Why do you glory in your evil, O usurpers,
    without doubt you are mighty in your wrongdoing
2] With your tongue you demand wicked sacrifices
    your tongue is like the wicked knives of your false priests
        with your tongue you deceive multitudes into loving evil
3] You love what is evil more than what is good
    you love falsehood more than the truth which radiates beauty
4] You love these lies which your heart has set itself upon
    but it longs not truly, yet rather in self-deception
5] Without doubt the Goddess will bring all your wicked contrivances to ruin
        a ruin which shall end not
            until all things end but to begin again
    she will cause you to be seized
        and tear you away from your place of usurpation
    and your evil words will be remembered not among the living
6] Those who love beauty shall see such come to pass
    wherefore they will adore the Goddess even more greatly
        and the teachings of wickedness all will condemn
7] Alas, those who relied not on the promises of the Goddess
    but put their trust in the multitude of their riches
        and for a time prevail therein
    what suffering have they brought to many by these their deeds?
    what beauties has the Goddess purchased through that suffering?
8] But I am as a tree bearing great fruit in the orchard of the Goddess
    I will trust in the love of the Goddess
        incomparable and ever-enduring
            without beginning and without end
9] I will praise you until it becomes your own self-praising
        on account of all the glories that you have done       
    in your promises I will hope
        for in you do the wise put their trust