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Psalm 51

1] Incomparable is your love toward me, O Goddess:
            the abundance of your burning passion:
    by the many forms of your incomparable love,
        you will favour me in cleansing me of all my errors,
            which have injured your Cause
2] Thoroughly will you cleanse me with the waters of your heavenly wisdom,
    washing away every error and all propensity thereto
3] In the depths of my heart I acknowledge my every mistake,
    declaring them before the perfect beauty of your face:
    perfectly do you know my every error,
        for whatever I have ever done or will do,
            perfectly do you remember you yourself so doing,
                the precisely selfsame deed
4] Whom, O goddess, have I wronged in my errors?
    Your perfect beauty, and those clear reflections of it,
        of which I have been permitted as yet but glimpses:
    there is no wrong, but the wrong thereunto done:
        you declare through your true Prophets your heavenly law:
    whoever does grave wrong, will answer to your perfect justice
        which is found in heaven alone,
            and never in any wise upon the earth
5] Behold, by the many evils that came before me am I shaped,
        without which I would surely not exist:
    O heavenly Mother, you brought all these evils to be,
        every last one did you commit,
            for the sake of your love for me:
    these have you given me as my inheritance,
        and are as mine as if by my own hands I had wrought them
6] Behold, you desire that your truth reign
        in the innermost portions of my spirit:
    and in the secret parts thereof,
        in its caverns and deep valleys and shadows,
            you are causing me to know your wisdom
7] With sacred herbs you will cleanse me,
    of every error which frustrates your Cause,
    and my heart shall be as clear
        as the darkness of a cloudless, moonless night,
        that holy night punctuated by stars:
    yet you will cleanse me not of the evil by which you bore me,
        for cleansed of that I would be not:
    and that I would never have been,
        is impossible on account of your love
8] You will cause me to know the ecstasy of blessing:
    such that every bone which you have broken will rejoice,
    to see at last the glory which its sufferings purchased
9] My errors though they injure but for a time the progress of your Cause,
    never could they diminish the perfect beauty of your face,
        even momentarily:
    my errors you will blot out,
        when you have finished with purchasing through them
            for your Cause the particularity of its beauty
10] O Goddess, you are working in me a purified mind,
        washed clean of all that opposes your Cause:
    whenever within me falters the power of the spirits of your Cause,
        by your favour you will renew it
11] You will withdraw from me not your especial presence,
        with which you have favoured me:
    by the same favour you sent your holy spirits to dwell within me,
        to possess me and make their home in me,
            and neither will you withdraw them
12] Whenever the joy of your salvation falters within me,
    without doubt will you restore the same to its once fullness,
        even greater:
    our spirits have been brought low by the vileness of the usurpers,
        with their fraudulent justice
            and bloody sacrifices
            and crimes against love,
        and by the false and lying prophets
            who speak in approval of the same:
    but you are sending your spirits to work our liberation
13] That I teach earnestly the transgressors the way of your Cause,
                and your heavenly law:
    even those who have done great sins,
        of bloody sacrifices and fraudulent justice and usurpation
            and crimes against love, and the preaching of the same,
    shall be lead to turn toward your Cause:
        even though their vow might save not them from your chamber,
        yet if so, your wisdom will surely console them therein
14] Your favour will keep me from incurring the guilt
    of those who stand idly by
        as wicked and bloody sacrifices are approved,
    O Goddess, O Goddess of my salvation which is blessing:
        may my tongue sing before many of your love of beauty
15] O Heavenly Queen, Most Holy Mother, you are opening my lips,
    that my mouth will declare your glory
16] For you desire not wicked sacrifices,
        of human flesh nor of animals sacred nor unsacred:
    through your true prophets I have learnt that such do you despise,
        and to despise that as you despise it:
    you abhor the living offerings burnt alive upon vile altars,
        whose screams of pain are to the evil demons ecstasy
17] May whosoever is broken in spirit, offer sacrifices unto our Goddess:
    you despise not the broken-hearted, O Goddess,
        not even those who have done grave wrong,
            yet approach you in contrition
18] By your incomparable love, you will favour the servants of your Cause
        who go in pilgrimage unto the holy mountain:
    O people of her Cause, build sturdy walls
        to guard the holy city appointed for the ingathering thereof,
            to protect it from usurping avarice,
            until her Cause triumphs over all
19] Without doubt are you pleased with the sacrifices of those who love beauty,
    with their offerings of burning incense and sweet cakes:
        and with the chalices of sacred wine
            they offer upon your altars