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Psalm 50

1] Maratrea, ultimate Goddess of incomparable power, has spoken
    and called forth the many worlds out of her very own being:
        as the day is marked from the rising of the sun
            unto the going down thereof
        so is the existence of the many worlds:
            but to her alone belongs the holy night between
2] Out of the holy mountain, the glory of our Goddess shines forth,
    the perfection of beauty, a soft radiant glow
3] O beloved Goddess, you will come in the glory
    of the two triumphs of your Cause, and you will remain not silent:
        the fire of your passion will devour every soul,
        even as now all around you this great tempest rages
4] You call out to us from your heavens far beyond,
        you call out to the many worlds:
    you are coming with the perfect justice that is found in heaven alone,
        not on the earth:
    and your people are your instruments in this your Great Work:
5] I am gathering together before me my holy people,
        vowed faithful unto my holy Cause:
    who are covenanting with me by sacrifice of cakes and wine
6] And the heavens declare her love of beauty:
    for true justice belongs to our Goddess alone,
        and is found not anywhere upon the earth


7] Hear, O my chosen people,
    the words that I have spoken through my true prophets:
        O people of my Cause, I testify against your errors:
            I am the ultimate Goddess,
                who has favoured you to know me as your Goddess
8] I correct you not for your sacrifices of cakes or wine,
    or your burning incense, which you are continually offering unto me
9] I desire not sacrifice of bullock neither goat,
    even though they be without souls:
        for that is a grave evil, in which wicked demons delight:
    thus have you offered me not,
        but with reticence have you condemned those who so offer
10] I am every sacred forest animal, as they dwell upon a myriad hills:
    whoever dares to sacrifice them commits a grave sin against me
11] I am the holy night creatures flying above the holy mountains:
    I am they who dwell in deepest valleys
12] Ever do I hunger, yet not for the food which the wicked demons eat:
    the many worlds are mine, and the fullness thereof,
        which my eyes are ever feasting upon
13] Therefore the flesh of bulls I receive not to eat,
    neither the blood of goats do I receive as drink,
        for that is a meal most vile:
14] Offer not unto our Goddess thanksgiving,
    for to thank her is to suggest she could have done
        other than as she has, in which there is grave error:
    but remain faithful to your vow unto the ultimate Goddess,
        which is to serve her Cause:
15] And call upon her favour for her Cause in the troubled days:
    she will deliver you,
        so that you may continue to declare aloud her glory
16] But unto the wicked, the servants of the enmity and the usurpation,
    our Goddess says:
        When will you turn to my heavenly law,
            and renounce your false laws of wickedness?
    When will you take in your mouth the vow to serve my Cause?
        On the day that I will, without doubt so shall you do
17] Yet until then you will continue to hate the instruction in true wisdom
    that I have delivered through my true prophets,
        and my words through them you will continue to repel
18] O usurpers, O workers of fraudulent justice,
    you have taken that which by right is not yours,
        and with your fellows in thievery you find pleasant company:
    O most wicked usurpers,
        you are as guests who have outstayed their welcome
19] In your mouths dwell evils that none can number:
    nor can any count the deceits found upon your tongues:
        that goodness lies in bloody sacrifices,
            and fraudulent justice,
            and crimes against love,
            and usurpation,
        and false scriptures which approve of all of these things
20] You who would offer up on bloody altars even your own sisters and brothers,
    even your own daughters and sons
21] All these misdeeds have you done,
    when I had not yet established my Cause to declare their evil,
        and even thereafter:
    you thought that the true divinity was such as in your imaginings,
        approving of all your misdeeds,
        and calling good such evils as you yourself do so call:
    but I will correct every error,
        and will reveal the truth before every eye,
            such that it may be denied by none
22] Understand this, O you who reject our Goddess:
    at any time she may take you from life,
        then you will have power to reject her no longer
23] O people of her Cause, not on any praise does her glory depend,
        yet her glory in praising her do we make known:
    for the way of her Cause she has appointed to make known
        her salvation throughout the many worlds