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Psalm 49

1] Hear these things all you people of the many worlds,
        labouring under the yoke of usurpation:
    O all you who dwell in the many worlds,
        listen to the words of her true Prophets:
2] Both those cast down and those for a time raised up high,
    both those most nearing unto blessing and those herenow poor therein:
3] May her wisdom be heard from my mouth:
    may my heart dwell on the understanding of her wisdom
4] I will consider her sweet similitudes as they caress my ears:
    upon the harp I will proclaim her secret wisdom,
        which in the darkness of holy night is revealed
5] Why then should I be fearful in the midst of evil days,
    when the wicked deceiving usurpers surround me,
        they who are destined to be supplanted by her Cause?
6] The usurpers trust in their wealth,
    and boast of the multitude of their riches:
7] Yet not even by their riches shall they escape their fate,
    the fate which our Goddess has prepared for them:
        there is naught by which they might appease her will,
            that all usurpation end
8] Every soul she will redeem, even theirs:
    for naught is more precious than the soul,
        in the fullness of its glory,
            and every soul ceases not ever:
    and the fullness of its glory is blessing and reunion,
        which every soul has for its destiny
9] The life of the soul is without beginning and without end:
    though great corruption it may see, never may it itself be corrupted
10] Though all will by the flesh die,
    all brutish fools yet also all who are wise,
        yet the soul dies not ever:
    the wealth of the flesh must be left to those who remain in the flesh,
        but she will grant every soul riches far greater
11] The innermost thoughts of the usurpers:
    that the houses they have built will continue without end,
        and their meeting places to all generations:
    whole lands they name after their usurpational schemes,
        expecting those names to endure
12] But the usurpation despite its claims of honour abides not:
    it will perish like the soulless animals
13] The way of the usurpers is a path to certain doom:
    yet their foolish followers sing in praise of them


14] Like a soulless animal shall the usurpation be laid in its grave,
        and death shall feed upon it:
    and those who love true beauty shall have dominion over them
        at that dawn of glory, of first triumph,
            the beginning of the end of all things:
    and the usurpation shall be consumed by the grave,
        as the true beauty overwhelms its seats
15] But though a body and a spirit perish, yet the soul perishes not:
    for its essence is one with the Goddess
        in beginninglessness and endlessness:
    and in the end of the many worlds, she will receive every soul


16] Fear not whenever the usurpers increase their strength,
    for the glory of their kingdoms is but fleeting,
        as the glory of her beauty is without beginning and without end
17] For when the usurpation perishes, it will take with itself naught:
    its false glory will descend after it,
        into the pit of nothingness both shall go
18] Though they call themselves blessed,
        they know not what blessing truly is:
    but all will come to praise you, even they,
        when through your very own self-bestowal
            you bestow true blessing upon them
19] They will join those who have gone before them:
    in due course they will see the light of truth,
        as shall every last one
20] The usurpation despite its claims of honour abides not:
    it will perish like the soulless animals:
        it understands not the true nature of things,
        therefore it is destined to perish