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Psalm 48

1] Glorious is Maratrea, and most worthy is she of praise
    we will praise her in the holy city
        which she has appointed for the in-gathering of her Cause
    we will praise her on her holy mountain
2] A mountain of beauty
        from which will go forth joy unto the whole earth
    what secrets are hidden amongst its slopes
        beneath which lies the holy city
            from which the Saviour to Come will arise
3] The presence of the Goddess is felt in the towers and palaces thereof
    a city of refuge for the protection of her Cause
4] The chiefs of usurpation will gather together
    to advance against her holy city
5] Yet beholding it they will be astounded
    and they will flee therefrom in terror
6] Trembling will there seize them
    and anguish at what is coming into the world
7] Their mighty ships you will shatter with your disfavour
8] This which we hear we will in turn see
    in the city of all-powerful Maratrea
    in the city of our Goddess
    our Goddess will protect it until all things end but to begin again
9] O Goddess, we meditate upon you incomparable love
    as we worship in your Great Temple
10] As your names become known, O Goddess,
        so will you be praised even in the most distant lands
    for you exert your unchallengeable power
        for the sake of the great beauty
11] The holy mountain will rejoice
    the children of your Cause will be joyful
        on account of your decrees
12] Walk around the holy city
    and count the many towers
13] consider its citadels, go through its palaces
    and tell thereof to the generation to come
14] For this Goddess is our Goddess without beginning and without end
    she will guide us until it become her own self-guiding