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Psalm 45

1] My heart swells even unto overflowing,
    with the prayers I speak unto the Heavenly Queen:
        my tongue declares her glory,
            which in true scripture is recorded
2] None is more beautiful among the children of the Goddess,
    than the blessed ones, whose lives are perfect in every way:
        the wine of her glory has passed through their lips:
        their blessing endures without beginning and without end
3] A holy sword of incomparable power you wield, O almighty one,
    clothed with holy robes of glory and splendour and majesty
4] And in your incomparable beauty you go forth in prosperity and reign,
    in truth and gentleness and love of beauty:
        through your incomparable power you teach us terrible things
5] O Heavenly Queen, you will sharply pierce the hearts
    of the servants of the enmity to your Cause:
        the many peoples will come under your Cause
        in its assumption of the place
6] Your throne, O Goddess, is without beginning and without end:
    the sceptre of your dominion signifying the love of the truly beautiful
7] You love the love of beauty, and hate wickedness:
    therefore O Goddess, you have anointed yourself
        with the oil of ecstasy, above the many whom you become
8] All your holy robes are finely perfumed
    with myrrh and aloes, balsam and cassia:
        you dwell in heavenly palaces adorned with finest gold,
            filled with music of stringed instruments
            that brings you the joy of ecstasy
9] You call to serve your Cause even the daughters of usurping kings:
    hearing your sweet call they follow you:
        their fathers say, she has dishonoured me,
        but how greatly has she honoured you!
    O Heavenly Queen,
        upon your incomparable power you stand enclothed,
            in richly embroidered garments,
            interwoven with gold
10] Hear her words, O daughters of usurping kings:
    consider her sweet words as they caress your ears:
        forget the peoples of your fathers, and the houses thereof:
        for your people henceforth is the people of her Cause
11] Greatly is your beauty desired, for which be not ashamed:
    for your beauty reflects our Heavenly Queen,
        may she be worshipped and be praised:
    and if any prophet declares your beautiful a shameful thing,
        that must be covered and remain unseen,
            without doubt they are a prophet of lies!
12] When they come to understand the truth,
        the great cities of the world will bring you gifts:
    even the wealthy among your once people shall honour your countenance
13] And the daughters of the holy Prophets are all glorious
    within their chambers of authority:
        in richly embroidered garments, interwoven with gold
14] In richly embroidered raiment she approaches her Heavenly Queen:
    the young maidens she has as her companions accompanying her
15] Going forth in their procession, bubbling with joy and sweetness,
    they will enter into the palace of their Heavenly Queen,
        her heavenly Temple
16] O daughters of usurping kings,
    in place of your fathers will be your children,
        be they by your womb or spirit,
    whom she will make through you to reign over the entirety of the earth
17] Through us you will cause your many beautiful names
    to be remembered for generation upon generation to come,
        until the very last days:
    then all peoples will praise you,
        until their praising become one
            with your very own self-praising