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Psalm 44

1] With the ear of the heart have we heard, O Goddess,
    those who came before us in your Cause
        they have told us of what you did in their days
            days ever-receding
2] By your power you drove away the infidels that sought to molest them
        the enmity that ever seeks to destroy them
    you planted your Cause as a sapling in fertile soil
        destined to grow into a great tree
3] It was not by the sword that they conquered
    but by words of truth and love they conquered many hearts
        it was not by their power alone that they conquered
        for it was by your power, your favour
            and the beauty of the soft light of your face
        for you love them with your incomparable love
4] You are our heavenly Queen and our Goddess
    who decrees victories for your Cause
    who decrees it will supplant the usurpers
5] Through your will and your favour we will cast down the enmity
    by your many holy names we will trample the enmity beneath our feet
6] Though the unbelievers deny that we will return
        to perfect unity with her
    We say that the arc of time bends backwards
        yet they deny that there is any such turning
    But in her promises we place our trust
        Thus do we believe the revelation through her prophets
    Despite the waste and aridity of our present days
            the desolation and ruination thereof
        By which she purchases beauties as yet unrevealed to us
    We have in her our salvation
7] It is you who grants us victory over the servants of the enmity
        Through your favour for your Cause
    You will confound those who hate your Cause
8] In our Goddess we find the burning glory of our hearts
        as we praise her throughout the whole of the day,
    we praise your many names
        until all things end but to begin again


9] If we were to say
        You have forsaken your Cause and reduced it to shame
    Then without doubt we would be speaking in error
        Even as the armies of your Cause meet defeat after defeat
10] By your will of means we retreat before the servants of the enmity
    as they plunder the wealth of your Cause from its treasuries
11] Thus has your will of ends declared:
    Eat not the flesh of the human beings
        Neither that of the animals that are sacred
    But the enmity feasts upon the corpses of your servants
        That lie scattered in many lands
12] With the suffering of your servants beauties have you purchased
    Are these beauties naught, having sold us for a trifle?
13] Those who once called us their friends now scorn us
    As our neighbours laugh and mock
14] You have ordained us to be most unlike
        They who serve evil in their hearts
    Among them the usurpers are moving in unity
        The hope of the evil is our downfall
15] Her Cause is never shamed in her eyes
    But ever is it shamed in the eyes of the servants of the enmity
    And for those even among the servants of her Cause
        Who have been afflicted with the confusion the enmity bestows
        For as a great veil it hinders knowledge of truth
16] We hear the voice of taunting and of blasphemy
    From the enmity and the usurpers
17] All these things have come upon us
    Though we have forgotten you not
    Neither betrayed the covenant of your Cause
        Yet you promised not your Cause to proceed directly to victory
        In every branch therefrom descending
            In some it takes the straightest of paths
            In others a path most serpentine
18] Our hearts have turned not back from her call to progress in her Cause
        Our feet have turned not from the path she revealed to us
    Yet through no fault of our own
        We have received a branch in which her path is twisted
19] Though we have been crushed
        By the holy sea dragons we shall be revived
    The deepest darkness covers us
        They think it a curse, but we know it as a favouring
20] If we would forget the name of our Goddess
        she would reveal to us the same again or another
    Unto no strange God may we stretch out our hands
        For there is no God that to her is strange   
21] Without doubt our Goddess knows this
    for she knows the secrets of every heart
        for perfectly does she remember that heart being her very own
22] Yet for the sake of your Cause we face death all day long
    The enmity seeks to sacrifice us upon its bloody altars
23] O perfect Heavenly Queen,
        the many worlds exist for the sake of your holy nakedness
    That none perceives, for none is worthy to perceive
        Save that one who so perceiving has become utterly you
    Between the end and beginning of the many worlds
        You sleep in a perfect holy slumber
    Filled with dreams of your very own self
        The beauty thereof is beyond our comprehension
    For it is the fulness of your very own beauty
        Which none who is not utterly you comprehends
    Until at last you awaken from your holy slumber
        That the many worlds commence
    Yet all that comes from you must return to you
        As in them you remember all that you have forgotten in them
    You will never reject any last one of your children
        Your children whom you have become
24] If you hide from us the beauty of your perfect face
        It is hidden but for season
    You cannot forget our suffering in this misery
        For perfectly do you remember yourself so suffering
25] You brought yourself down into the dust
    You lowered your soul into becoming our souls
        With bodies that cling to the ground
26] You will pour out your favour upon us, O Maratrea
    Through your favour you will assist us to serve your Cause
    And liberate us from every obstacle in that path