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Psalm 43

1] Holy Mother, who knows my heart, its faithfulness to your most holy cause, its love of the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true – by your favour for your Cause you will deliver me from the deceit and injustice of the enmity

2] For you, O mother, are my fortress: may I think not that you have spurned me. Though the enmity oppresses, may I mourn not things foreordained to end

3] You are sending forth the light of your truth: it is leading our hearts, on to your holy city, and your temples therein

4] Then will I go unto your altar, my heart overflowing with joy – with the harp will you be praised, O Holy Mother, Heavenly Queen

5] Why is my soul downcast and disquieted? She is my certain hope, the truth of her promises – I will praise her, she who is the crown of fulfillment of my deepest desires