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Psalm 41

1] Favoured are those who care for the poor in blessing:
    Maratrea will deliver them by her favour for her Cause
        even in those days wherein her Cause be troubled
2] By her favour for her Cause will Maratrea preserve them
        maintaining them in life:
    she will favour them among the many worlds
        delivering them not unto the will of the enmity
        that longs for their blood to pour out upon wicked altars
3] Maratrea will favour them with strength,
        even as they languish upon beds of despair:
    she will comfort them in their depression,
        that they be restored to the service of her Cause
4] I said, O Maratrea, incomparable is your love for me,
        even as I languish in ignorance thereof:
    you will heal my soul and spirit of all their despair,
        even though great be my errors,
            even those through which I have betrayed
                my vow to serve your Cause
5] The servants of the enmity speak evil of us:
    How much longer, O Mother, until their vile combinations die,
        and the name of their wickedness perishes from living ears?
6] For whenever any among them come visit us,
        empty lies rush out of their mouth:
    they gather up our every word and deed as a foundation for slander:
    then go they forth, spreading their lies about us
        to whomsoever will listen
7] All those who hate us whisper together,
    seeking ways in which to destroy her Cause
8] Against us they speak unlawfully,
        for their slanders infringe the law of heaven:
    seeing us cast down by their oppression, they say,
        Never again will they rise up!
9] Alas, even those whom we have called our best friends,
    in whom we have placed our trust,
        with whom we have dined together in friendship,
            have turned against us
10] But you, O Maratrea, incomparable is your love for me:
    by your favouring you are raising me up to glory,
        that I may prove the worthlessness of their words
11] Through all this there comes unto me certainty
    that you favour your Cause through me
        for the enmity will triumph over me not
12] You sustain my spirit in wholeness, by your favour for your Cause:
    which I serve in longing for the day,
        when you will permit me to gaze upon the beauty of your face,
            without beginning, and without end
            in unity with your very own self-gazing
13] Unbounded is the glory of blessing
        which is the true essence of Maratrea our Goddess,
    she who is gathering the people of her Cause:
        a glory that endures without beginning and without end:
    Praise there be thereunto, indeed, praise there be!