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Psalm 40

1] O glorious Maratrea, without doubt you will fulfil your promises,
            every last one:
    patiently do we therefore wait, for the glory of blessing:
        your favour will incline unto us,
            and you will answer our every cry
2] On that day you will bring us up out of this horrid pit,
            the pit of the absence of blessing:
    you will rescue us from unrequited longing,
        which is fouler than the foulest mud:
    firmly will my feet rest upon that great rock,
        the certainty of your promises:
    the truth thereof you have revealed unto my heart,
        but in that day you will reveal unto my eyes,
            and unto that day you will guide me:
    and your Cause you will lift up also
        from the pit of the reign of the enmity and usurpation
3] And a new song she has put in my mouth, praise unto our Goddess:
        many shall hear it, and adore her,
            and shall trust in the promises of Maratrea,
                which through the glory of blessing
                she shall fulfil before their very eyes
4] Favoured are those who trust in Maratrea,
    and respect not the enmity and the usurpation in their pride,
    neither heed the lies of the false prophets in false scriptures recorded
5] Many, O Maratrea my Goddess,
        are the glories of beauty that you have purchased:
    to that end, even the end of our blessing,
        is every movement of your will of means directed:
    your love for us incomparable, and incomparable the beauties you will:
        were I to seek to describe that,
        I would find utterly worthless every word that I might utter
6] Sacrifices of bloody wickedness you desire not,
        according to your will of ends,
    only the offering upon your altar of cakes and wine,
        and the sacrifice of the vow of your servants:
    my ears have you opened to receive the truth:
        the offering of burning flesh,
            that offering that is most sinful,
                by your will of ends you abhor
7] Then I said unto myself, Behold, I will go forth in her Cause:
    for by these words of the true scriptures am I described:
8] To do your will of ends, to serve your Cause,
        that is my upmost delight, short of blessing, O my Goddess:
    yes, within my heart your heavenly law is inscribed
        in ever-growing perfection
9] I will preach the love of beauty before great multitudes:
    behold, I will restrain not my lips, O Maratrea,
        that without doubt do you perfectly know,
            for perfectly do you remember yourself so doing
10] I have hid not within my heart the love of beauty,
        which you have placed therein:
    I have declared your faithfulness in the certainty of your promises,
        and your salvation which is the perfection of blessing:
    I have concealed not your burning passion
        nor your truth from the great multitude
11] You will withhold not from me the most tender of caresses, O Maratrea,
        the caress of my partners in blessing:
    your burning passion and your truth continually preserve me
12] For about us are compassed innumerable evils,
    the enmity and the usurpation:
        and our errors have taken hold of us,
            blinding us to spiritual truth:
        great are our ails in number:
            therefore hope is abandoned by our hearts
13] But how pleased are you, O Maratrea, to deliver us:
    O Maratrea, you are hastening to our help
14] You will bring shame and confoundment together
    for those who seek after our souls,
    in their foolish ignorance believing that they are destructible:
        all those who wish evil unto your holy Cause
            will be driven backward and put to shame
15] Their shame will be rewarded with desolation, they who say unto me,
        Well done, well done,
    when my errors they look upon
16] All those who seek you will rejoice and find gladness in you:
    such as love your salvation will continually say,
        Great is Maratrea, none exceeds her in glory, nor even equals
17] But poor and needy am I, who for now am deprived of blessing:
    yet the Heavenly Queen thinks upon me:
        you are my help and my deliverer:
        you will make no tarrying, O my Goddess