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Psalm 39

1] I said, I shall guard my ways that they best serve her Cause:
    that my tongue speaks not error, but only the truth of her Cause:
        I will guard my lips
            in the presence of the servants of the enmity,
                in the fullness of its power:
        that my truthful words become not an occasion
            of persecution for us in our weaker days
2] So in the face of evil I remained utterly silent,
        and never did goodness find a defence in mouth;
    yet from whatever anguish I might have thereby been saved,
        great was the anguish my silence inflicted on my heart
3] Within my heart the fire of longing was burning, and burns even still;
    I mused in the midst of my burning, then spoke with my tongue:
4] O glorious Maratrea, you will cause me to know my end,
    for which cause I came into separate being,
        and having so attained that end my separate being will cease:
            which end is blessing:
    you will make known unto me, O Maratrea, my limit, as all is limited,
        and your limit encompasses every lesser limit:
            for my limit is the limit of blessing:
    the number of my days is now unknown to me,
        yet perfectly do you so remember;
    and in coming to know all that you know, I become identical to you:
        thus will I come to know all that I now lack:
            in the foremost, blessing
5] Behold that in you all things are finite,
        as you who encompasses all are vast in your finitude:
    finite therefore are my days of the anguished torment of lack,
        but a mere moment of true ecstasy
            is greater than the whole of time;
    and as I am of one essence with you,
        for you willing became me in self-emptying and self-division:
    but empty is all that is sought apart from your glory


6] Through many worlds the soul journeys,
    passing fleeting reflections of the everlasting beauty,
        fading fragments of a glory it has near-wholly forgotten;
    how many, chase not after these fragments,
        but rather struggle after vain and worthless things?
    A treasury of vanity they gather up,
        knowing not even to what end they do so
7] But I, O Heavenly Queen, I live in wait of the glory of blessing:
    in your promises I have placed my every hope
8] Without doubt you will rescue me from my every error:
    though unto fools you have delivered me for scorn,
    yet to their scorn and to their foolishness you have willed also an end
9]  I was without words, and my mouth would open not,
    to think of all those things that you are ever willing
10]  But your scourge you will remove away from me:
    though for now I am overcome by your blows,
        that through the enmity you deliver,
    yet those blows shall cease through your Cause
11] By your will of means, through your holy prophets,
    you chide your children for their wickedness,
        yet a wickedness you yourself did command:
    your grave beauty devours us,
        and what is dear to our hearts you cause to be consumed away
            for the sake of all that is dear to yours;
    surely all your children are naught but the warmth of your breath


12] Without doubt do you hear my prayer, O glorious Maratrea;
    my cry reaches your sweet ears even before I speak it,
        by the perfection of your memory:
    beholding my tears you will not be silent:
        for I am no stranger unto you, but among your beloved children
    whom you have willing become in self-division and self-emptying,
    whom you sent out to sojourn in the many worlds;
        thus do you go forth in me
        as you have gone forth in many before me
13] You will spare me for a while from the trials of the enmity
        that I may recover strength,
    before I go forth in the service of your Cause,
        even unto holy martyrdom:
    for whoever lives, dies, and whoever dies,
        dies for that for which they lived:
    thus is your will