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Psalm 37

1] Worry not on account of the deeds of our enemies
            Be not envious of their wealth
For their wealth is naught but the favour of being
But we have received the favour of her cause

2] Soon their great city shall be shattered like pottery
And their fruit shall wither on the vine

3] Trust in her Cause and its favour, and act in accord with its law
Gather in the place appointed for gathering
And may her truth be for you sustaining fruit

4] Take delight in her, your most holy mother
For she grants every desire of your heart

5] Vow service to her cause, and trust in her promises
For without doubt, what she promises shall come to pass
As it has come to pass already

6] Your devotion to her cause shall shine as the stars
Your faithfulness to heavenly law shall shine as dawn

7] Rest in your heavenly mother, and await patiently for her call
Worry not of those who prosper in evil
Who profit from their wicked schemes

8] Give up needless anger, and burning wrath
Worry not – it will only harm your cause

9] For the days appointed for evil are numbered
On the day of our triumph it shall be entirely conquered

10] A few more brief days, and their reign be overthrown
You shall look in the place of their self-appointment
Yet find them entirely absent therefrom

11] But the inheritance of the calm ones is the place of authority
And their delight shall be watered by abundant peace

12] The enmity plots against the people of her Cause
And bear its teeth against them

13] But Maratrea will reduce it to ridicule
            For she wills the day of its downfall to soon come

14] The enmity draws its swords and bends its bows
            To kill the poor and the afflicted, in bloody sacrifices to its false god
            And to exterminate the Cause of those who love the beauties they are for now denied

15] Yet by its own swords will it be pierced
            And all its bows shall be broken

16] Better to love beauty yet be denied it
            Than to possess beauty yet love it not

17] The power of the enmity will be extinguished
            But Maratrea shall lead those who love beauty unto twin glories
            Of their blessing, and of the triumphs of her Cause

18] Maratrea knows the days of all her children,
            Both those whose fruits are good, and those whose fruits are evil,
            For there is none of them whom she has not been
            Neither any of them whom she will not be
            And the inheritance of her children will have no end
            In the forward-vein of her ever-remaining

19] The people of her Cause will be confounded not
            In these here days wherein evil reigns in usurpation
            In these here days of famine
            They will be satisfied not
            Yet neither overcome by their hunger

20] The enmity will be extinguished
             The enmity to the Cause of Maratrea
             Though herenow it be honoured and exalted
             Will come to naught, and like smoke it will vanish

21] Those still enthralled by the enmity may adhere
                  yet will not complete their adherence
            but those who love beauty are filled with generosity.

22] The children of Maratrea will inherit blessing, every last one
            And the curse under which they herenow suffer will be cut off
            A curse which purchases blessing for others
            But on the day of the last purchase, the curse is severed

23] Maratrea decrees which path all shall take
            The path of the wicked she wills only with her will of means
            But the path of the servants of her Cause she wills with her will of ends
            And ends delight her heart, but means are merely necessary to ends

24] Though the servants of her Cause may stumble
            her Cause shall not ever be permanently vanquished
            for Maratrea sustains it with her incomparable power

25] From the earlier days to the last of them
            those who love beauty will never be permanently forsaken
            and their posterity shall feast upon blessing

26] The servants of her Cause are ever generous, and ready to assist those in need
            For they know that those in need are not other than themselves
            And that thereby her most holy Cause may be greatly progressed
            Without doubt their descendants will inherit blessing
            As blessing becomes one with the Cause, in the final days

27] All shall turn from wickedness; all shall embrace the truly beautiful and the truly good
            All shall dwell in perfect ecstasy, without beginning and without end,
            In the forward-vein of ever-remaining

28] Maratrea loves all her children with an incomparable love, every last one
            Those who are faithful to the beautiful and the good
            Even usurpers who serve the enmity,
                 and blaspheme heaven with their fraudulent justice,
                 and offer up wicked sacrifices to their lord, the most pallid Pandal
      Maratrea will never permit her Cause to be permanently vanquished
      In every branch it ends in two triumphs, in some branches sooner, in others further along,
      In some with one Saviour, in some with another
      In some in one establishment, in some with another
      In some the first establishment triumphs unvanquished, in some a re-establishment triumphs
      She sustains her Cause, until all things end but to begin again
      When her Cause will inherit the glory of blessing
      But the enmity will be utterly vanquished, and will entirely disappear

29] Those who truly love beauty, and know the true nature of things
             They will conquer the earth, and overthrow every last usurper
             And their reign will endure until the perishing of the stars

30] She bestows her wisdom upon those who truly love beauty
              and their mouths bestow that same wisdom upon others
              their tongues condemn the fraudulent justice of this earth
              and praise the perfect justice which belongs to heaven alone

31] The two-fold law of the Goddess is secure in their hearts;
              though their feet may stumble therefrom,
              they will fall not.

32] The enmity lies in wait for those who love beauty
               For true beauty it without doubt hates;
               And its servants seek to make of the servants of her Cause
               Bloody sacrifices unto their lord
               In the blasphemous fraud falsely called justice.

33] But Maratrea will not let her Cause remain in their power
               And the instruments of fraudulent justice will be utterly destroyed!
               And those who reign in usurpation will be cast down to the dust!
               And their worthless books of illegitimate laws burnt upon the fire!

34] Keep to the path of the Cause of Maratrea
               and never cease to hope in her promises
               she will lead you to conquer the entirety of the earth
               and to destroy the usurping enmity which you fear

35] We have beheld the enmity in the greatness of its wickedness and power
              As a thick stand of thornbush and stinging nettles
                        In whose branches none of the sacred animals may find rest

36] yet soon shall we see these thorns and nettles perish in the flames
              A sacred tree grove, with luxuriant foliage, will take its place

37] Observe those who are perfect in devotion to her Cause
              and you will find them to be among those who truly love beauty
              they love peace
              and work earnestly to bring about a wondrous future

38] But the enmity will be utterly destroyed, and reduced to naught
             the end of the enmity is a defeat complete and entire.

39] And Maratrea will save all, even slaves to the utmost wickedness;
             but those who truly love beauty she will save first
             she will protect them in times of great trouble

40] And Maratrea will help them in every way
            And deliver them from the enmity which seeks their destruction
            She shall deliver them from the enmity in its wickedness
            And save them from the clutches of its jaws
            For they trust in her promises
            And whoever trusts in her promises, is a servant of her Cause