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Psalm 36

1] They declare in their heart that their eyes would adore not the Goddess,
    even were they to see her in the fullness of her glory:
        so they declare in self-deception,
        on account of the wickedness of their hearts

2] They flatter themselves that their eyes can resist her beauty:
    so will they continue,
        until that iniquitous flattery becomes hateful to them

3] These words that their mouths speak,
    born of wickedness and self-deception:
        alas, that there was none to teach them true wisdom,
        therefore do they commit great misdeeds

4] Even in dying they cling to their allegiance to wickedness,
    and continue to declare that evil things be good

5] Your incomparable love, O Maratrea,
    proceeds from your heaven unto the many worlds, every last one;
        brimming stormclouds pour out your holy wisdom
            upon us as torrential rain
            delivered through your true prophets

6] Your love of beauty is like the great mountains;
    a great depth is your true justice that is of heaven alone:
        O Maratrea, by your unalterable nature every soul
            is preserved without beginning and without end,
            those of the humanity
            and those of the sacred ensouled animals

7]  Your incomparable love is more precious than any jewel:
    it is like the shade on a fiery day,
        as the burning sun blinds the eyes

8] They will feast on the abundance of your heavenly chambers,
    the heavenly banquet wherein they will drink the heavenly wine:
        and until then you will give them to drink
            from the river of your wisdom
            and the refreshing waters thereof

9] For with you is the fountain of life and the glory of youth:
    by the soft light of your face we are enlightened

10] The constancy of your love cannot be doubted,
    even before the immensity of the need of our hearts:
        the liars say that all are wicked and deserving of death,
    but you know the love of beauty that exists in every heart,
    in some however hidden

11] You will permit not the enmity to destroy your Cause:
    of you we are most needy,
        but our every need without doubt will you fulfil,
            O Heavenly Goddess!

12] Without doubt the usurpers you will cast down,
    and the servants of the enmity along with them:
        for their misdeeds enrage every heart that loves beauty