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Psalm 35

1] O Maratrea, by your favour for your Cause,
        you will encourage their hearts to strive with me therein:
    and those who fight against us
        you will disfavour by the very same favour
2] Your favour will seize the weapon of spirits of offence
        yet also spirits of protection:
    through them your favour will arise to our help
3] You will bring forth the holy swords of the armies of your Cause
    that shall block the advance of those who persecute us:
        by your favour teach the innermost parts of my soul
        to in certainty affirm that your promises are my salvation
4] The enmity will be confounded
    and withdraw in shame from its pursuit of my soul:
        its servants will be turned back and brought to confusion,
            even as they devise for my body painful tortures
5] They will become as dust blown in the wind,
    as they are chased by the spirits who serve Maratrea in her Cause
6] Ignorance will overflow their path,
    and their feet will slip from once firm footholds,
    as the spirits who serve Maratrea pursue them in their wickedness
7] For an evil cause have they hid for me their snare for me,
    seeking my blood to pour out upon their wicked altars:
    for this evil cause they have contemned my soul
8] Yet destruction will descend upon them when they fear it not:
    and those who have sought to spill my blood
        by their companions in wickedness
            will their very own blood be spilled
9] And in Maratrea my soul will find ecstasy:
    in my salvation I will embrace a glory beyond words
10] The innermost portions of my spirit declare,
    O Maratrea, who is like unto you,
        who delivers those wallowing in the ultimate poverty,
            which is the absence of blessing:
    you rescue them from that which is too strong for them:
        those who are poor and needy in their longing,
        from those who have for their own longing spoiled them:
        those deprived of blessing that others be blessed,
            will in turn be blessed through the poverty of others
11] False witnesses rise up, the false and lying prophets,
    and those who serve them in their lies:
        they accuse us of things of which we know nothing,
            for the persecution of the innocent
            brings an especial joy to their hearts
12] For doing and praising good, they have visited upon me evil:
    their wickedness wastes my soul,
        yet destroys it not despite their lying promises
13] But as for me, when they troubled me,
    I was clothed in that sack into which you had thrown me,
        a world which for me was without blessing:
        my soul afflicted with such fasting:
            and my prayer for blessing as yet not answered
            as before its appointed time
14] I have extended unto them the offer of friendship, even of kinship,
    yet they have returned it in anger and spite:
        with heaviness do I bow down,
            mourning for the state of their spirits:
            and our heavenly mother mourns with me
15] But in our adversity they have found great joy,
    and gathered themselves together in celebration:
        they have formed an alliance against us,
        a congregation of those who are predestined
            to be cast down from their place of usurpation:
        and this they have done even unbeknownst to us:
            they sought to tear our flesh into many pieces,
            and in this they ceased not in their striving
16] They mock us with accusations most trifling,
    even as blood drips from their hands,   
    and their teeth gnash upon the still warm flesh of their victims
17] O Heavenly Queen,
    for how much longer must we endure the absence
        of the great favour of blessing?
    for how much longer will you for the sake of beauty retard your Cause?
    Without doubt you will rescue our souls from their hopes for our destruction,
    your beloved children who know
    and love you from those who are like unto demon-possessed lions
18] I will praise you for those beauties you have revealed to me:
    I will praise you in the holy assembly:
    I will praise you in the great gatherings of the people of your Cause
19] What woe unto us are those who rejoice over our misfortune,
        who proudly serve the enmity to your Cause:
    but only a little while longer will this you permit,
        will this you command:
    for but a little while longer will you allow
        the connivances of those who hate us for no good cause
20] Their words are not peaceful towards us, but filled rather with violence:
    they devise deceit against us as quietly we live our lives
        in lands stained by their usurpation
21] Indeed have they opened their mouths wide against us,
        and said unto themselves,
    Well done, well done! our eyes have seen their misfortune
        that we have inflicted upon them!
22] And all this without doubt have you seen, O Maratrea,
    for perfectly do you remember yourself so seeing and doing:
    you will remain not silent, O Goddess
        who is in these here days ever speaking
            through your holy prophets:
    O Heavenly Queen,
        though my lying tongue declare you to be far from me,
            you are as near to me as my very own self
23] Soon will come the day when you will set ablaze
    your passion for the end of all things:
        you will pour out upon the earth
            knowledge of the true justice that is of heaven alone,
            and from all false justice the earth will be purged:
    you will grant great progress unto your Cause,
        O my Goddess and my Heavenly Queen
24] You will declare the truth concerning my ways, O Maratrea my Goddess,
    you will declare the truth according to your love of beauty:
        no longer will you permit them to find joy in my misfortune
25] On that great day they will say not again,
        So it is as we would it be:
    they will say not again,
        That Cause we have consigned to the grave
26] Shame will overcome them,
        and confusion will fill their minds,
            those who here now rejoice at our hurt:
    those who here now declare themselves to greatly exceed us,
        then will they be swallowed up by confusion and fear
27] Great will be the joy and great will be the ecstasy
    of those who favour the Cause of those who love true beauty:
        continually will they declare the glory of Maratrea,
        whose pleasure is the ecstasy of her children
28] My tongue will declare your beauty that I adore,
    morning and night it will cease not to utter your praise