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Psalm 34

1] I will declare the glory of the beauty of Maratrea
    both morning and night will her praise be ever upon my lips
    until my praise of her becomes identical
        to her beginningless and endless self-praising
2] The glory of my soul is Maratrea;
    let those who are afflicted hear the word of her promises
        and therein find joy
3] I will declare the glory of Maratrea with me;
    let us together exalt her many beautiful names
4] I sought Maratrea, and through her Prophets she has answered me:
    by her promises she has delivered me from all my fears
5] Those who look unto her are enlightened
    by the sweet radiance of her countenance:
        never again will shame be seen in their faces
6] We have called upon Maratrea, we who are poor in the absence of blessing
    without doubt she hears our cry
        without doubt she will save us from all by which we are troubled
7] The spirits vowed faithful to the Cause of Maratrea
    encamp around those who adore her
        and through her favour for her Cause
        those who adore her find deliverance
            from the wiles of the enmity
8] Taste with your lips the heavenly wine
        see with your eyes the glory of the beauty of Maratrea;
    she favours those who take refuge in her
9] Revere Maratrea, O people of her holy Cause,
    for those who revere her lack nothing
        there is naught for which they long
            that they have been promised not
            and certain are her promises
10] The demon-possessed lions will grow weak and hungry,
    for those who seek Maratrea lack no good thing
11] Come, O her children, listen to the words of her Prophets:
    they will teach you the adoration of Maratrea
12] Whoever of you loves the beauty of life
    and desires to see many days of glory,
13] As a sign of that love keep your tongue from approval of evil
        the teachings of the false and lying prophets
        the wicked deeds of the enmity and usurpation
    and by that love keep your lips from uttering their lies
14] Turn from every evil and do always what is good:
        from bloody sacrifices
        from crimes against love
        from the blasphemy of fraudulent justice
        and from all approval of these misdeeds
    seek the only true peace which is the assumption of her Cause
        and pursue its progress and its triumph
15] Unto those who love beauty the glowing eyes of Maratrea will be revealed,
    their ears will hear the sweetness of her supple voice
16] The beauty of the face of Maratrea is against the spirits of the enmity,
    by the beauty of her face, their names will be blotted out throughout the earth
17] Those who love beauty cry out
        without doubt Maratrea hears her very own crying
            such that she perfectly remembers
    and from all their every trouble she has promised deliverance with certainty
18] Maratrea is close unto those whose hearts are broken by longing
    and she saves those whose spirits are crushed in despair
19] Many troubles may be had by the person who loves beauty,
    but from all such troubles will they from Maratrea have deliverance;
20] she protects the great arches of longing from which our spirits are formed,
    not one thereof will be broken
21] The enmity will slay itself by its very own evil;
    those spirits that hate beauty will be destroyed
22] Maratrea will rescue the servants of her Cause;
    no one who takes refuge in her promises
        will meet the desolation that the enmity teaches
        for such is a lie of the false and lying prophets