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Psalm 33

1] Rejoice in Maratrea,
    all those who love the truly beautiful:
        may those truly faithful to her Cause be commended.
2] Praise Maratrea with harps:
    and sing unto her with thirteen-stringed lyres
3] Sing unto her songs praising the new wonders she continues to bring forth;
    play sweet music in joyous praise of her vast beauty.
4] For the word of Maratrea declares truth and goodness and beauty
    and all that she has done
        for the glory of beauty she has so done
5] She loves the love of the truly beautiful
    and those who refrain from the blasphemy of false judgment:
        the many worlds are filled with the goodness of Maratrea.
6] By the word of Maratrea were the heavens made;
    and the many souls came forth as the sweet breath of her mouth.
7] She gathers together into vessels the waters of the sea of her very own self
    and we who are her children are those vessels
        from her depths she brings forth the treasure of blessing
8] Maratrea will be revered by the entirety of the many worlds
    and all the inhabitants thereof shall stand in awe of her
9] For she speaks, and it is done;
        she commands, and it endures:
    All that is, is as it is, by her will
    And all that anyone ever does, she does through them
10] Maratrea will crush the plans of the usurpers
    and frustrate the schemes of the enmity
11] The end of Maratrea endures unchanged,
        without beginning and without end
    but the means of her will changes
        from period unto period
12] Favoured are that people who have Maratrea as their Goddess
    and by her favour she will draw them near unto blessing,
        even this side of the gate of death;
    the people whom she has chosen to first receive
        the fulness of her inheritance.
13] From her heaven most distant Maratrea beholds all her children
            the human beings and the sacred animals
    perfect is her knowledge of them
        for perfect is her memory of being them
            every last one
14] She who remains even now
        in the fulness of her original and final glory
    gazes longingly toward her children
        with whom the many universes are filled
15] She steers the depths of every heart
        unto the final unity of all souls
    she understands how every last one among their deeds
        even the worst
            contributes to that end
    she leads us to know all that she knows
    and to understand every last thing that she understands
    and so comprehending, we no longer will be in any way other than her
    or other than one another
16] Our Heavenly Queen can only save us
    that so immense is her power
        mother of every soul and every universe
And none may prevail without bringing all to the very same victory
    every last one
17] She shall send unto us a holy one,
        with strength like unto a great horse:
    one to deliver us from the lying multitudes
18] Behold that those who revere Maratrea
    will gaze into her eyes
        eyes that glow like moons amidst the holy night
    they will drink the springs and fountains of her glorious wisdom
        their hearts will be warmed
            by the fire of her passionate love
    thus are inspired those who hope and wait in her promises
19] Every soul she forever keeps separate from extinction
    and sustains them in being
        even as they suffer in the great famine
            of the absence of blessing.
20] Our souls await reunion with Maratrea
        to return to their original unity and identity with her
    yet as they so wait
        through sorrow and through grief
        through suffering and through pain
    she is our succour, our refuge and our protection.
21] Ecstasy will fill the depths of our hearts
    Having trusted in your many names of utmost holiness    
22] Your passionate love will come upon us, O Maratrea,
    as the glory of blessing
    for that do we hope according to your promises.